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The milk's industry's new campaign, Milk Life, features ordinary people accomplishing all sorts of tasks after jumpstarting their day with a glass of milk.

Industry Wipes Away 'Got Milk?' Mustache After Sales Take Spill

There's a new slogan in town that will replace "Got Milk?"

The famous tagline that encouraged Americans to consume more dairy has been benched by the Milk Processor Education Program, or MilkPEP, the national group of milk processors that launched the campaign back in 1993. The industry is hoping it can win back consumers with the slogan, "Milk Life," after sales declined, year over year, for the last four years.

Images of Folsom Lake, a reservoir in Northern California, show the severity of the state's drought. The photo at left, taken on July 20, 2011, show the lake at 97 percent of total capacity and 130 percent of its historical average for that date. The photo at right shows the lake on Jan. 16, 2014, when it was at 17 percent of capacity and 35 percent of its historical average.

California's Drought: A Shocking Photo And Other Updates

Farmers in California, where Gov. Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency last month, are facing hard choices as a drought threatens to ruin their crops. They must weigh the costs of paying for irrigation against the chance that their fields will never get enough water this season.

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