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Dennie and Kathy Wright sift through a stack of medical bills at their home in Indian Valley, Calif.

Limited Insurance Choices Frustrate Patients In California

Dennie Wright lives in Indian Valley, a tiny alpine community at the northern end of the Sierra, close to the border with Nevada.

Is U.S. Gaining Or Losing Ground Against ISIS?

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Geniuses in movies aren't always played by Benedict Cumberbatch, but they are almost always men.

Do Fictional Geniuses Hold Back Real Women?

The "Lone Genius" character is hot right now in television and movies. Sometimes the genius is real (think Benedict Cumberbatch in The Imitation Game), and sometimes he's fictional (think Benedict Cumberbatch in Sherlock). But one thing is almost always certain: He's a guy.

Now one researcher says that gender stereotype in art may have a real impact on women in academia.

Congressional Republicans have "been given a second chance by the American people," AFP President Tim Phillips said. "And we're going to hold them accountable. We're determined about that."

Conservative Koch Brothers' Group Puts Congressional GOP On Notice

Americans for Prosperity, the most prominent arm of the Koch brothers' organization, put Republican lawmakers on notice Thursday, setting out a conservative agenda for Congress. AFP leaders say it will be pushed by the group's grassroots supporters in 34 states.

WHO Report Details Why Ebola Hit West Africa So Hard

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Paris Attacks Bring New Attention To Free Speech Laws In France

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Ebola was out of control in Liberia in August, when this picture was taken.

14 Takeaways From The 14-Part WHO Report On Ebola

Today, the World Health Organization issued a 14-part report on Ebola: from the moment it started until now.

We asked our team of Ebola correspondents to look at the sections and pull out the points that seemed most interesting – details that may have been overlooked or forgotten, stories that show how the virus turned into an epidemic.

Where it all began

The Container Park in April of 2014. Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh is spearheading the Downtown Project, an effort to revitalize downtown Las Vegas.

Remaking Vegas In A Tech Billionaire's Image: Will It Last?

Fifteen minutes north of the iconic Vegas Strip is the economically depressed downtown Las Vegas, a much-forgotten part of town. It's also an area of tremendous change in recent years, since it's the heart of tech billionaire Tony Hsieh's ambitious Downtown Project — an effort that's part urban revitalization, part social experiment.

Three years in, it's not going as quickly as he expected.

Rapping The News In West Africa

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White House Starts Chipping Away At U.S. Embargo On Cuba

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