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<strong><a href="">#ColorFacts: A Weird Little Lesson In Rainbow Order</a></strong>

Whether Green With Envy Or Tickled Pink, We Live In A Color-Coded World

Red means stop; green means go. You live in a red or a blue state. You feel green with envy, or you're tickled pink. Colors alert, provoke, attract, divide and unite us.

Thinkers from Plato to Einstein to a new cottage industry of color psychologists have studied the importance of color in our daily lives. But, as Joann and Arielle Eckstut write in their book The Secret Language of Color: "Anyone who claims to be an expert on color is a liar."

Lower oil prices, while good for the economy, are a threat to what has been a dramatic surge in oil production in the U.S.

Low Gas Prices Haven't Slowed Domestic Drilling — Yet

It's lunchtime in Douglas, Wyo., a town smack in the middle of the state's booming oil patch, and the line of cars at the McDonald's drive-through wraps around the building. A hiring poster hangs in the window, and the parking lot is full.

Troy Hilbish, a toolhand for the oilfield servicing company Schlumberger, says while he didn't know oil prices have been falling, he does know what falling prices mean.

"If the oil prices go up, we drill more," Hilbish says. "If they go down, we don't drill as much."

The Normandy American Cemetery is home to hundreds of American World War II veterans, including Eugene Vigosky.

Friend's Visit To Veteran's Normandy Grave Gives Family Closure

More than 70 years after the death of her brother during World War II, an 84-year-old Pennsylvania woman is still struggling to understand her father's decision to bury him in France.

My family has known Irene Vigosky since before I was born. We always called her Skee.

Her second-oldest brother, Eugene, was killed in the summer of 1944, near Saint Lo during the Battle of Normandy.

"My mother, one or two nights before the telegram came, dreamt exactly the way it came to be," Vigosky says.

Atlanta Symphony Orchestra bassist Michael Kurth stands on the picket line for a silent protest during the lockout in September. The orchestra announced this weekend that it had reached a new four-year contract with musicians.

Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Reaches Labor Deal With Musicians

Musicians and management at the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra have reached agreement on a new labor contract after months of negotiations and a lockout, setting the stage for the ensemble's 70th anniversary season to start on Thursday. Appropriately enough, the first concert will feature Beethoven's "Ode to Joy."

An Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga fighter hold his position in the mountains east of Mosul.

Ill-Equipped And Underpaid, Kurdish Fighters Hold ISIS At Bay

Brig. Gen. Mohammad Ali Mughdeed sits in a pickup truck equipped with an anti-aircraft weapon as he and his men wind through steep roads to their base in the rocky Zartik Mountains.

Mughdeed's Iraqi Kurdish forces are members of the Peshmerga, a key U.S. ally in the fight against the so-called Islamic State. Also known as ISIS, the Sunni extremists have taken control of about a third of Iraq. In October, Mughdeed's men retook this area east of Mosul from ISIS occupation.

Kaci Hickox and her boyfriend, Ted Wilbur, say they will leave Maine when their self-monitoring for Ebola expires this week.

Maine Nurse To Move Out Of State Following Ebola Quarantine Row

The boyfriend of Kaci Hickox, the nurse who defiantly refused to self-quarantine after she returned from West Africa, says the couple will move out of Maine this week after a state court order restricting their movement expires.

Ted Wilbur withdrew from a nursing program at the University of Maine at Fort Kent, where the couple lives, and said Friday that he and Hickox were "going to try to get our lives back on track" by leaving the state.

Unmarked military vehicles parked on a road outside the separatist rebel-held eastern Ukrainian town of Snizhne, 50 miles from Donetsk on Saturday. Ukraine has accused Moscow of sending in more weapons and supplies to the rebels.

Despite Truce, Heavy Shelling Resumes In Donetsk

The fiercest fighting in weeks has broken in eastern Ukraine, in a clear violation of a Sept. 5 ceasefire deal, as artillery and rocket fire rained down in and around the airport in the contested city of Donetsk.

Pro-Russian separatists appear to have renewed a push to seize the airport, nearly the last remnant in the region still controlled in part by the Ukrainian army.

A man wearing a Catalan Nationalist flag T-shirt casts his ballot in a symbolic independence vote in Barcelona on Sunday.

Binding Or Not, Catalans Express Themselves In Referendum Vote

Update at 11:45 p.m. E.T. with preliminary election results.

Hundreds of thousands of Catalans cast ballots Sunday in a non-binding referendum on whether to split with Spain — a move opposed by Madrid, which fears that even an informal vote could stoke desires for independence.

With 88 percent of the votes counted, a strong majority of voters were in favor of independence; however, only two million people voted, out of 5.4 million eligible to vote.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, left, and Mayor of Berlin Klaus Wowereit, 3rd from left, place candles to commemorate the victims of the Wall at the Berlin Wall memorial site at Bernauer Strasse in Berlin, Germany, on Sunday.

Germany's Merkel: Fall Of Berlin Wall Shows Dreams Come True

A quarter-century after the Berlin Wall that split East and West Germany came down, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said its destruction shows that dreams can come true and "nothing has to stay as it is."

The Wall was built in 1961, closing off access to West Germany to stop people from the communist East from fleeing. The roughly finished concrete and barbed-wire structure became a potent Cold War symbol of what former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill once described as an "Iron Curtain" dividing Europe.

Defiant Catalans Push Forward With Independence Vote

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