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An Israeli soldier from the Paratroop battalion returns from the Gaza Strip on Monday

Israelis And Palestinians Agree To 72-Hour Cease-Fire

Israel has accepted a 72-hour cease-fire proposed by Egypt. It will take effect Tuesday morning local time.

Israeli officials "stressed that the cease-fire is unconditional and pointed out that its acceptance came about after Israel finished destroying the terror tunnels," the Jerusalem Post reports.

Gaza Family Mourns The Loss Of A Son, Brother — And Hamas Militant

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Inmates at a Rikers Island juvenile detention facility walk single file to the jail's chapel

Justice Department Finds Excessive Use Of Force At New York Prison

Adolescent inmates are subject to "excessive and unnecessary force by correction officers" at New York's Rikers Island, the Justice Department has found in a civil rights investigation.

"The extremely high rates of violence and excessive use of solitary confinement for adolescent males uncovered by this investigation are inappropriate and unacceptable," Attorney General Eric Holder said in a statement.

Jim Brady, Press Secretary Turned Gun Control Activist, Dies At 73

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Toledo Escapes The Looming Bloom, Turns Its Taps Back On

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Africa Summit To Tackle Food Stability And Climate Change

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Federal Judge Strikes Down Alabama Abortion Law

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What You Need To Know About Sierra Leone And Ebola

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Brooke Hammerling, the founder of Brew Media Relations, says she created her own firm because she got sick of a mix of dismissive tech guys and sexism inside some companies.

In Tech Marketing Jobs, Women's Successes Are Rarely Recognized

It's no secret that there aren't a lot of women in Silicon Valley and the tech industry in general. There is one exception — marketing and public relations. Though these women aren't the people writing the code or building the chip, their role in the success of many tech companies is often crucial and overlooked.

Islamic State Bolsters Its Control Over Northwestern Iraq

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