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With New Order, Obama Aims To Combat Student Debt Pressures

In A Landmark First, An AI Program Fools The Turing Test

Don't be fooled. This is no average burrito.

Sandwich Monday: Taco Bell's Quesarito

When you bite into a traditional burrito, your teeth have to endure one or two boring seconds of tortilla before they reach the filling within.

Taco Bell, continuing its mission to solve all of life's problems, has fixed that with the new Quesarito. It's a burrito that replaces the tortilla with a cheese-filled quesadilla.

Miles: What a revolutionary idea. I'm excited to see how a burrito tastes once you add some tortilla and cheese.

Robert: It's like a soft cast for a sprained burrito.

Obama To Sign Order Easing Student Loan Payments

President Obama is expected to sign an order on Monday that expands the number of Americans whose student loan payments will be capped at 10 percent of their monthly incomes.

CNN reports the new order would allow an additional 5 million borrowers to take advantage of the cap beginning in December 2015.

Bloomberg adds:

Better for you than soda? With 49 grams of fructose per liter, not much.

Fruit Juice Vs. Soda? Both Beverages Pack In Sugar And Health Risk

When it comes to choosing between sodas and juices in the beverage aisle, the juice industry has long benefited from a health halo.

We know that juice comes from fruit, while soda is artificial. In particular, the sugars in juice seem more "natural" than high fructose corn syrup — the main sweetener in so many sodas. After all, we've gotten rid of most of the soda we used to offer kids at school, but we still serve them lots of juice.

Oregon's experiment with end-of-life care is intended to keep frail elderly people out of the hospital if they don't wish it.

In Oregon, End Of Life Orders Help People Avoid The ICU

Do you know how or where you want to die? At home? In a hospital? What measures you want doctors to take to prolong your life? In Oregon and more than a dozen other states, adults who are old and frail have been answering these questions and doctors write them up as orders.

Those doctor-backed instructions help protect people from unwanted medical intervention, a study finds.

When A Killer Comes From Your Family

An 'Integrity Problem' at Veterans Affairs?

Audit Finds 13 Percent Of VA Schedulers Told To Falsify Data

A nationwide audit of hundreds of medical facilities run by the Veterans Affairs Department finds that more than 57,000 veterans have been waiting 90 days or longer for an initial medical appointment.

Perhaps more stunning, the internal audit found that 13 percent of schedulers said they received instructions from supervisors to falsify data so the centers could meet performance goals.

A new interactive asks us to take a break from our endless stream of tweets and comments to examine who we are — morally — in the 21st century.

'Digital Deadly Sins': The Morality Of Our Digital Obsessions

One running thread here at All Tech is smartphone distraction, and whether our increasing dependence on connecting through our devices is bringing us together — or tearing us apart.