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Protesters confront police wearing riot gear Thursday night, a day after Vonderrit D. Myers was shot and killed by an off-duty St. Louis police officer.

Police, Protesters Clash In St. Louis After Police Shooting

Police and protesters in St. Louis faced off for a second night following the fatal shooting of an 18-year-old black man by an off-duty white police officer.

The killing of Vonderrit D. Myers Wednesday night by the officer who was working a second job for a security firm has prompted renewed protests in the wake of the August death of Michael Brown, also 18 and black, at the hands of a white police officer in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson.

Malala Yousafzai poses for photographs in New York. Yousafzai, who survived being shot by the Taliban because she advocated education for girls, has been been named one of two recipients for the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize.

Pakistani Teen Malala Yousafzai Shares Nobel Peace Prize

Updated at 11:50 a.m. ET

Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani teen who was attacked by Taliban militants for promoting education for girls, will share the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize with Kailash Satyarthi, an Indian campaigner against exploitation of children.

The Norwegian Nobel Committee says on

"If she be worthy." A mysterious masked woman has taken up the hammer — and mantle — of Thor.

Where's Thor When You Need Her? Women In Comics Fight An Uphill Battle

The first issue of Marvel's new Thor is now on newsstands. In it, a mysterious woman shows that she, too, is worthy of wielding the hammer of Thor.

She joins a growing list of superhuman heroines leading their own comic books — Captain Marvel, Batgirl and Catwoman, among others — as Marvel and DC push to diversify and improve the representation of women on their pages.

Michelle Howard is the first woman to achieve the rank of four-star admiral in the Navy.

A Phone Call Helped Navy's First Four-Star Woman Embrace Her Path

In July, Michelle Howard made history when she was made the first woman to earn the rank of four-star admiral in the U.S. Navy. She's also the first African-American woman to earn this rank.

Rising through the Navy, she found herself being asked to do all sorts of things on top of her day job — talking about women's policies, attending evening events, essentially becoming a spokesperson for women in the military. She says during her first tour in the Pentagon as a lieutenant commander, she called her mother to complain.

When Holding An Orphaned Baby Can Mean Contracting Ebola

Anne Purfield and Michelle Dynes are epidemiologists at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. They spent the past several weeks responding to the Ebola epidemic in the Kenema district of Sierra Leone, and recently returned to Atlanta.

One of the many difficult aspects of working around the disease is not being able to comfort people who are grieving, Purfield and Dynes explain during a visit to StoryCorps in Atlanta. (Ebola is spread through contact with bodily fluids.)

"You can't touch anyone," says Purfield, 37. "You can't comfort them."

University of Texas football coach Charlie Strong holds up the "Hook' em Horns" sign as he sings the school song following an NCAA game against North Texas on Aug. 30. Texas won 38-7.

Former Texas Cheerleader Behind 'Hook 'Em Horns' Dies At 78

In 1955, Harley Clark was a cheerleader at the University of Texas when he introduced a hand signal that would become one of the most recognizable signs in college athletics.

At a pep rally, Clark displayed his index and pinky fingers extended and the two middle fingers tucked under the thumb.

Over the years, "Hook 'em Horns" spread faster than a Texas wildfire and became a symbol for the school and Longhorn athletic teams.

Supreme Court Halts Wisconsin Voter ID Law; Texas Law Overturned

After an appeals court put Wisconsin's voter ID law back into effect, the Supreme Court's liberal wing, plus Justices Kennedy and Roberts, voted put the law on hold while they decide whether to take the case.

Erin Toner of Milwaukee's WUWM reports:

"This comes after a federal appeals court on Monday upheld the law as constitutional. But tonight's Supreme Court ruling blocks voter ID while it considers whether to accept the case.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

Microsoft CEO Backtracks On Suggestion That Women Shouldn't Ask For Raises

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is backtracking from comments he made earlier today suggesting that women should not ask for raises.

At a conference celebrating women in technology, Maria Klawe, a member of Microsoft's board, asked Nadella what advice he would give women who are uncomfortable asking for raises.

We'll let ReadWrite take it from here:

Jan Hooks, Best Known For Her Roles On SNL, Dies At Age 57

Jan Hooks, best known for her performances on Saturday Night Live, died on Thursday.

Hooks was 57.

The Chicago Sun Times reports that Hooks joined SNL in 1986 and stayed until 1991. She played key characters like Hillary Clinton and Sinead O'Connor.

The paper reports:

"'Man, she was good,' former 'SNL' writer Bob Odenkirk said in an email, calling Hooks 'the best there could be at sketch.'

An iPad with an "Amazon" logo.

Report: Amazon To Open Brick-And-Mortar Store

Amazon, the giant Internet retailer, is taking a step into the physical world with plans to open a brick-and-mortar store in New York City.

That's according to The Wall Street Journal, which is quoting "people familiar with the plans" for its report.

A spokesperson for Amazon would not confirm the report, saying that "we have made no announcements about a location in Manhattan."

The Journal adds: