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Chef Eric David Corradetti presents dinner to residents at the <a href="">Bethlehem Woods</a> senior living facility in La Grange Park, Ill. His kitchen emphasizes fresh produce and meats and meals made from scratch.

Mush No More: Retirement Home Food Gets Fresh And Local

Want to eat food that's fresh, local and cooked from scratch? Consider a retirement home. Once known for bland, institutional fare, hundreds of retirement communities around the nation now tout their restaurant-like dining experiences.

One of those is Bethlehem Woods in La Grange Park, Ill. Resident Marge Healy counts on having dinner with the same group of friends every evening.

"We're almost like a family," she says, as her friends nod in agreement.

Visitors check out the Soviet-era metro cars exhibited at the Partizanskaya subway station in Moscow, as part of festivities marking the subway system's 80th anniversary.

Glory Of Moscow's 80-Year-Old Subway Tainted By Stalin Connections

Moscow this year is celebrating the 80th anniversary of its subway system — the Moscow Metro — a crowning achievement of the Soviet Union's unprecedented forced industrialization in the 1930s.

One of the world's biggest and busiest subways today, it has dark connections to the repressions of Soviet dictator Josef Stalin.

Attorney John Elwood talks to reporters Dec. 1 outside the Supreme Court building in Washington after arguing on behalf of Anthony Elonis, who was convicted in 2010 on the grounds of threatening his wife via social media. On Monday the court ruled in favor of Elonis, saying prosecutors must prove that a social media threat was intentional, not just perceived.

Threatened Online? Supreme Court Says Prosecutors Must Prove Intent

The U.S. Supreme Court made it harder Monday to prosecute people for making threats on social media.

The case was brought by Anthony Elonis, who was sentenced to three and a half years in prison for threatening his estranged wife and an FBI agent.

"Over the moon excited, terrified, scared, emotional," is how Jetta'Mae Carlisle says before her surgery.

What It's Like To Choose Transgender Sex Reassignment Surgery

It wasn't until Deborah Svoboda dated someone who is trans that she understood how little she understood about being transgender. "I realized how very misunderstood they were, including by me," she says. And that comes from someone who identifies as queer and has lived and worked in diverse communities.

A farm laborer uses a sieve to separate grains of wheat from the husk in Amritsar, India.

There Are 200 Million Fewer Hungry People Than 25 Years Ago

So what does it mean to be hungry?

That's a question that occurred to us as we read some encouraging news: The world isn't as hungry as it used to be.

A U.N. report has noted that 795 million people were hungry in the year 2014. That's a mind-boggling number. But in fact it's 200 million lower than the estimated 1 billion hungry people in 1990.

The improvement is especially impressive because the world population has gone up by around 2 billion since the '90s.

Jim Cheatham, a biologist with the National Park Service, studies the ways nitrogen in the air has been disrupting the ecological balance of Rocky Mountain National Park.

It's Raining Nitrogen In A Colorado Park. Farmers Can Help Make It Stop

It's May in Rocky Mountain National Park, but on a mountainside 10,829 feet above sea level, snow is falling. It's pelting Jim Cheatham, a biologist with the National Park Service. Shrugging off the cold, Cheatham seizes a teachable moment. This snow, he says, holds more than just water.

"Chances are it's carrying the excess nitrogen we're talking about," says Cheatham.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who wrote for the court majority, said Moones Mellouli's crime should not be considered enough to remove someone from the country under federal law. In dissent, Justice Clarence Thomas wrote he sees "nothing absurd about removing individuals who are unwilling to respect the drug laws" where they live.

Supreme Court Sides With Immigrant Caught With Pills In His Sock

The Supreme Court has dealt a blow to U.S. immigration officials in a closely watched case by ruling that a broad state anti-drug law may not be enough to justify deportation.

By a 7-2 vote, the court ruled that a Tunisian man convicted of carrying pills in his sock should not have been removed from the U.S. for that reason.

The Intel logo is displayed on the exterior of Intel headquarters in Santa Clara, Calif.

Intel Makes Biggest Bet In Its History

The chipmaker Intel is buying a company that makes ... chips. Altera will cost about $16.7 billion in cash.

It would be the largest acquisition in Intel's 47-year history, and it's part of an effort to secure business. While Intel is an undisputed leader in chips for personal computers, it's got competition in the mobile, wireless age.

Harriette Thompson, 92, and her son Brenny Thompson finish the Suja Rock 'n' Roll San Diego Marathon on May 31 in San Diego.

A 92-Year-Old Ran Her 16th Marathon And Broke A Record

If a 92-year-old can run a marathon, anyone can, right? If you need a little inspiration, look to Harriette Thompson of Charlotte, N.C. The 92-year-old finished the San Diego Rock 'n' Roll Marathon — her 16th such race.

"One of my biggest goals as a sex educator is to be sex-positive," Solow explains.

Beyond The Birds And The Bees: Surviving Sex-Ed Today

It's after hours at Rafael Hernandez, an elementary school in the Bronx, and room 421 is in an uproar.

It's what you would expect from a sixth-grade sex education class learning how to put a condom on.

Sex education. The very concept makes a lot of people cringe, conjuring images of teenage giggles and discomfort. It's also a subject a lot of teachers would rather avoid.

But Bronx-based teacher Lena Solow is more than happy to talk about the birds, the bees ... and beyond.