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Disease, War And Terrorism Are Dimming Economic Prospects, Especially In Africa

In a world already weighed down by too much debt, new troubles are bubbling up. The Ebola virus, terrorist attacks and war are undermining many countries, which means "downside risks have increased" for the global economy.

That gloomy assessment was released Tuesday by the International Monetary Fund. Its forecast for this year's average global growth slid to 3.3 percent, down 0.4 percentage point from April.

Yoram Bauman jokes about "hyperinflation in hell" and on earth. Case in point: the Zimbabwe hundred-trillion-dollar note.

So A Global Economist Walks Into A Comedy Club ...

Sitting in the empty auditorium, 10 minutes before Yoram Bauman's set begins, I start feeling bad. Low turnout is hard on a stand-up comedian, but what was he expecting for a comedy gig at 6 p.m. on a Monday ... at the Inter-American Development Bank, of all places?

When the event coordinator comes in to make an announcement to the six of us in the audience, I worry she's going to cancel the event.

If you think this looks like something fun to play with, you could get yourself into trouble.

Detergent Pods Can Cause Eye Injuries In Children

Liquid detergent pods can cause eye injuries in children after they squeeze or bite the brightly colored pouches, a study finds.

Eye doctors at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical treated 10 young children who had eye injuries in 2012 and 2013 as a result of encounters with a ruptured detergent pod. The injuries included conjunctivitis and corneal damage; fortunately they all recovered within a week, with no long-range problems.

English singer Morrissey performs during the Nobel Peace Prize concert in Oslo in December. The musician told a Spanish newspaper, in a stoic discussion about his health, that he has undergone treatments related to cancer.

Singer Morrisey Says He Has Had Cancer Treatment

Steven Patrick Morrisey, the singer who formerly led The Smiths and is on a solo tour in Europe, has undergone treatment for cancer, he tells a Spanish newspaper. Morrisey did not specify what ailment he had been suffering from, saying only that he had undergone "cancer scrapings."

The singer, 55, was asked about his health in an interview for Spanish newspaper El Mundo.

Alleged Islamic State militants stand next to an ISIS flag atop a hill in the Syrian town of Ain al-Arab, called Kobane by the Kurds, as seen from the Turkish-Syrian border in Suruc, Turkey, on Monday.

A Smuggler Explains How He Helped Fighters Along 'Jihadi Highway'

The Syrian smuggler agrees to meet at an outdoor cafe in Kilis, a town on the edge of Syria-Turkey frontier. As waiters deliver glasses of hot, sweet tea and Turks play dominoes at nearby tables, he talks about his role in the "Jihadi Highway" and why he finally decided to quit.

The smuggler, in his mid-20s, is open about every aspect of the lucrative enterprise, except for revealing his name. He is well known to the militants of the Islamic State, also known as ISIS, who paid him well for his skills., and who certainly would kill him for speaking to a journalist.

Appellate Court Strikes Down Gay-Marriage Bans In Idaho, Nevada

Joining three other appellate courts, the 9th Circuit Court on Tuesday struck down gay-marriage bans enacted by Idaho and Nevada.

"We hold that the Idaho and Nevada laws at issue violate the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment," Judge Stephen Reinhardt wrote for the court.

Landon Donovanof the Los Angeles Galaxy shoots the ball against Vancouver FC at StubHub Center on August 23, 2014.

In His Final Appearance, Landon Donovan Will Be U.S. Captain

Landon Donovan, arguably the greatest American soccer player, will be the captain of United States Men's National Team when he makes his final appearance in a friendly against Ecuador on Friday.

Donovan, who holds the U.S. men's record with 57 goals scored and announced his retirement in August, was famously left off this year's World Cup roster. His relationship with head coach Jurgen Klinsmann has been icy ever since.

Labels on bags of snack foods indicate they are non-GMO food products. This fall, Colorado and Oregon will be the latest states to put GMO labeling on the ballot.

Voters Will Get Their Say On GMO Labeling In Colorado And Oregon

Ben Hamilton walks down the salad dressing aisle at his neighborhood grocery store in west Denver. The human resources consultant usually seeks out organic options and scans nutrition information.

"I am a label reader. I think a lot of people read labels and really are curious to know what is in our food supply," he says. But Hamilton says he wants more information, specifically whether the food he buys includes ingredients derived from genetically modified crops, or GMOs.

Attorney Douglas Laycock leaves the Supreme Court Tuesday after arguing before the court on behalf of Arkansas prison inmate Gregory Holt.

Justices Skeptical Of Beard Rule In Inmate Religious Rights Case

The U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments Tuesday in a case that pits the authority of prison officials against the religious rights of prison inmates. Specifically, the question is whether a federal law aimed at shoring up those religious rights requires the state of Arkansas to allow a Muslim prisoner to wear a half-inch beard.

Gregory Holt, convicted of stabbing his ex-girlfriend, argues that the tenets of his Muslim faith require him not to cut his beard. As a compromise, he asked Arkansas prison authorities for permission to at least wear a half-inch beard.

Grant Gustin as Barry Allen/The Flash on The CW's <em>The Flash</em>.

'The Flash' And 'Gotham' Succeed By Taking Comic Book Stories Seriously

As The CW's new superhero series The Flash debuts tonight, it seems there are more TV shows based on comic books in prime time than ever before.

And a look at two of the best new network TV dramas this fall also reveals two different ways to tell superhero stories on television, both with wonderful results.

It's tough to find a more traditional superhero story than The CW's take on The Flash, which opens with a voice over from the hero himself: