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Nasa Bends The Rules To Get Two Rovers To Mars

Justices To Rule In Hobby Lobby Contraception Case

Her Baby Is At Risk; Lauren's Story

They're odds. That's all they are. Not fate, just probabilities. Lauren Weinstein, cartoonist, is having a baby, and she's told — out of the blue — that she and her husband are both carriers of the gene that causes cystic fibrosis. They are sent to a genetic counselor. What happens next — told in five beautifully drawn, emotionally eloquent cartoons — tells what it's like to walk the edge for a few weeks. She's so many things (sad, funny, scared, puzzled), and then there's the ender. Take a look.

(Top left, clockwise) Macmen N' Cheese; chocolate ramen; udon and egg. (Bottom row) Ramen fritatta; cannellini beans and spinach; and southwest taco from the book <em>Rah! Rah! Ramen.</em>

'Artisanal' Ramen? Instant Noodles Get A Healthy Dose Of Hacking

If there's one thing college students know well, it's a belly full of instant ramen.

"Ramen always has been and always will be a college staple," says Rick Brandt, a recent University of Iowa graduate.

And it's not just college students who turn to the noodles in lean moments: When your food budget is reduced to quarters dug out of the couch, or when hunger pangs strike at ungodly hours, ramen noodles may come to the rescue.

Sometimes you just need to pay for your own ice cream.

8 Signs Obama Is Feeling Trapped In The Presidency

Past presidents have described the White House as "the crown jewel of the federal penal system" and "the great white jail." And lately, President Obama has increasingly sending signals he's feeling claustrophobic in the presidential bubble.

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Modern Video Games Go Beyond 'Jumping On Blocks'

The video game BioShock Infinite received widespread praise for having a rich narrative packed with philosophy when it debuted last year. The game sold millions of copies.

But like many other headlining games in the last year, it was also incredibly violent. One critic even called it a "case study in unnecessary violence."

Baghdad Sits In Limbo As Government Forces Push Back On ISIS

Harley-Davidson riders reveal Project LiveWire, the first electric Harley-Davidson motorcycle, during a ride across New York City's Manhattan Bridge on June 23.

Harley Hopes An Electric Hog Will Appeal To Young, Urban Riders

Many motorcycle riders covet the distinctive growl of a Harley-Davidson — and sometimes even add extra-loud exhaust pipes to amp up the sound.

But the motorcycle maker has now rolled out a prototype bike that makes more of a whisper than a rumble. It's a sporty-looking model called LiveWire, and it's powered by batteries.

Harley-Davidson plans to take its prototype electric motorcycle to more than 30 cities over the next few months. Sometime after that, the company will decide whether to put LiveWire on the market.

John Force launches from the starting line at the 2012 O'Reilly Auto Parts Route 66 National Hot Rod Association Nationals in Joliet, Ill.

No Reason To Quit: Driver John Force Still Racing Full Throttle

The National Hot Rod Association puts on one loud and fast show. Top fuel dragsters, known as Funny Cars, accelerate to over 300 miles per hour on a straight, quarter-mile track. Each race lasts just 4 seconds.

If you've ever wondered what it's like to fire up the engine of a 10,000 horsepower Funny Car, just ask driver John Force.

"It'll blow your ear sockets out," Force says. "When you hit that throttle, you think an H-bomb just went off. The motor just roars. ... It can shake you so hard, it can knock you out."

A man poses for photographs in front of the Facebook sign on the Facebook campus in Menlo Park, Calif.

Facebook Scientists Alter Newsfeeds, Find Emotions Are Affected By It

For one week back in 2012, Facebook scientists altered what appeared on the newsfeed of more than 600,000 users. One group got mostly positive items; the other got mostly negative items.

Scientists then monitored the posts of those people and found that they were more negative if they received the negative newsfeed and more positive if they received positive items.