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After Weeks Of Voting, India's Opposition Party Gets A Sweeping Win

Amid Raging Wildfires, Southern Californians Find Blaze On Doorstep

Jeb Stuart Magruder, then a Presbyterian minister, in 1995. Magruder, a top Nixon campaign official who went to prison for his role in Watergate, died on Sunday in Danbury, Conn.

Watergate Conspirator Jeb Stuart Magruder Dies At 79

Jeb Stuart Magruder, a former Nixon campaign official who pleaded guilty to conspiracy for his role in the Watergate break-in and cover-up, has died at 79.

Magruder, who became a Presbyterian minister after serving seven months in federal prison over the Watergate affair, died on Sunday of complications from a stroke, according to a death notice published by a Connecticut funeral home.

Tom Wolf, who leads in polls for Pennsylvania's Democratic gubernatorial nomination, shakes hands with a customer at a Mt. Lebanon, Pa., hardware store on Thursday.

A Role Reversal In Pennsylvania's Race For Governor

If the polls are correct, the Pennsylvania governor's race is poised to see the usual political script flipped.

The Republican incumbent, Gov. Tom Corbett, is using a populist attack against the challenger who's leading the Democratic primary field — accusing Tom Wolf of being an opportunistic businessman who profited at the expense of taxpayers and workers.

Veterans Affairs Undersecretary Robert Petzel testifies Thursday on Capitol Hill. Petzel tendered his resignation from the VA on Friday.

Top VA Health Official Resigns Amid Scandal Over Treatment Delays

Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric Shinseki says he has accepted the resignation of the department's undersecretary for health, a day after both men testified before Congress about a growing controversy over delays in treatment.

"Today, I accepted the resignation of Dr. Robert Petzel, undersecretary for health in the Department of Veterans Affairs," Shinseki said in a statement cited by Reuters.

The decor at Romani Kafenava offers some local culture.

Introducing Roma Cuisine, The Little-Known 'Soul Food' Of Europe

It's no secret that tensions surrounding the Roma people in Europe are running high these days.

Lara Russo, left, Cally Guasti, center, and Reese Werkhoven found more than $40,000 stashed inside the couch they bought at a Salvation Army store.

After Finding $40,000 In Thrift-Store Couch, Roommates Return Money

Many of us have stories about old couches — particularly ones we had in college, or shortly after. But not many stories are like the one three roommates in New Paltz, N.Y., can now tell.

After the trio realized their beat-up couch was stuffed with more than $40,000, they decided to return the money to its rightful owner.

It all started when roommates Reese Werkhoven, Cally Guasti and Lara Russo realized that the lumps in their couch's pillows were actually envelopes stuffed with money. Just two months earlier, they'd bought the couch for $20 at a Salvation Army.

Indian election workers learn to use and check electronic voting machines on May 11.

How Do You Count 500 Million Votes? A Look At India's Election

Parliamentary elections in the world's largest democracy ended on Friday. The election took six weeks; more than 800 million citizens were eligible to vote.

When Numbers Bleed, Freeze, Starve And Die On A Battlefield: The Dark Poetry of Data

I once read that when Napoleon invaded Russia, he lost most of his army not to the horrible Russian winter, horrible though it was. No, says this version, Napolean's army suffered from "button failure." The company that provided Napoleon's army with coats made the buttons out of tin. Tin buttons, in very cold weather, get brittle and break. Too many soldiers couldn't button their coats in subzero weather — so they died.

Narendra Modi, shown here at an April 5 campaign rally, was ostracized by the United States for more than a decade. As it became increasingly clear in recent months that he was likely to become India's next leader, the U.S. and European countries began reaching out to him.

Why The U.S. Shunned The Man Who Will Now Lead India

Until a few months ago, the U.S. government was effectively boycotting Narendra Modi, the man who is virtually certain to be India's next prime minister following the landslide victory by his party in the country's parliamentary elections.

So will the U.S. now warm to Modi as the elected leader of the world's largest democracy?

Before answering that, let's look at why Washington refused to deal with him.