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'Washington Post' Op-Ed Tone Deaf On View Of Sexual Assault?

What Does Cantor's Loss Say About The Republicans' Future?

LeVar Burton, the face of <em>Reading Rainbow</em>.

5 TV Shows That Deserve Another Chance

Actor LeVar Burton told NPR recently that he is on a mission to pour new energy into Reading Rainbow — his long-running, pro-reading TV show for kids. Using Kickstarter money, LeVar hopes to deliver his video field trips — connecting the written word to the real world — to a wider world of young people...

Former Rep. Ben Jones, a Democrat, wrote an open letter calling on voters to oust Eric Cantor in the Republicans' open primary — an event that transpired Tuesday. A former actor, Jones played the role of Cooter on TV show <em>The Dukes of Hazzard</em>. He's seen here meeting a fan last year.

The Cooter Effect: Did Ben Jones Help Unseat Eric Cantor?

To the pile of explanations for the shocking primary loss by House Majority Leader Eric Cantor to challenger Dave Brat, add one more: the idea that Democrats and independents tilted the Republicans' open primary at the prompting of former Rep. Ben Jones, a Democrat.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel testifies before the House Armed Services Committee on Wednesday about the controversial prisoner swap with the Taliban.

Bergdahl Swap Was 'Extraordinary Situation,' Hagel Says

Updated at 11:51 a.m. ET

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel told lawmakers today that an "extraordinary situation" with a "unique set of dynamics" prevented the White House from notifying Congress about the deal under which Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl was traded for five high-level Taliban prisoners in Guantanamo Bay.

iPads Allow Kids With Challenges To Play In High School Band

There's a steady stream of hype surrounding the pluses and pitfalls of classroom tablet computers. But for a growing number of special education students tablets and their apps are proving transformative. The tablets aren't merely novel and fun. With guidance from creative teachers, they are helping to deepen engagement, communication, and creativity.

A picture taken with a cellphone shows an armored vehicle belonging to Iraqi security forces in flames Tuesday, after hundreds of militants launched a major assault on the security forces in Mosul. Some 500,000 Iraqis have fled their homes in the large city Mosul after militants took control.

500,000 People Reportedly Flee Mosul After Iraqi City Falls

Half a million people are reportedly running away from Mosul, the large Iraqi city that was seized by Islamist militants this week. The extremist group, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, has ties to Al Qaeda; it took over after Iraq's security forces abandoned their posts.

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va., left, and Dave Brat, right, react after the polls closed Tuesday. Brat defeated Cantor in the Republican primary, a result that shocked many political analysts.

'Stunning': Reactions To Eric Cantor's Election Loss In Virginia

"Dollars don't vote — you do." And with that statement to his supporters, college professor Dave Brat ousted seven-term Rep. Eric Cantor in their primary battle Tuesday night. The loss by the No. 2 House Republican shocked many political analysts and the congressman himself.

"It's disappointing, sure," Cantor told supporters after the results came in. "But I believe in this country. I believe there's opportunity around the next corner for all of us."

How We Learned That Frogs Fly

There are places where frogs could be — but aren't.

And places where frogs could be — and are.

Ninety years ago, scientists were debating the question of animal dispersal. How come there are kangaroos in Australia, and none in southern Africa --which seems, environmentally, very kangaroo-friendly? Certain frogs show up in warm ponds in one part of the world, but warm ponds a thousand miles away have none. Why?