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CDC Says It's Monitoring 77 People Who Had Contact With Ebola Patients

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says it is monitoring 77 people who had contact with patients diagnosed with Ebola.

Seventy-six of those, CDC Director Tom Frieden said in a press conference, were health care workers who cared for Eric Duncan, the first person diagnosed with Ebola in the United States.

The sign NPR producer Rebecca Hersher saw as she left Liberia to return to the United States.

Live Airport Tweets: An NPR Producer's Irregular Ebola Screenings

NPR producer Rebecca Hersher has reported on Ebola from Liberia for the past two weeks. She's just returned to the U.S. via Brussels and into Dulles — the same route flown by Thomas Eric Duncan, the Liberian national who went on to Dallas, where he was diagnosed with the virus. As her tweets reveal, she was screened. Sort of.

Libertarian Party Senate candidate Sean Haugh, center, looks on as Sen. Kay Hagan and North Carolina Republican Senate candidate Thom Tillis, right, shake hands prior to a live televised debate on Thursday, Oct. 9, 2014. Haugh wore a tie featuring a cartoon cat. He says his mom gave it to him.

Pizza Man Delivers Third Party Option

He delivers pizza by night, and runs for U.S. Senate by day. Sean Haugh is the Libertarian running for Senate in North Carolina and he's among a dozen independent and third party candidates nationwide who could shake up tight races for Senate and governor.

Haugh, 53, doesn't have a traditional campaign headquarters, so he suggests meeting at a hipster fancy doughnut joint in downtown Durham called Monuts.

McDonald's still won't reveal the recipe for its secret sauce, but it will show you how that Big Mac patty gets made.

What's Really In A Big Mac? McDonald's Says It's Ready To Tell All

Did you hear the one about the McDonald's hamburger that still hadn't decomposed after 14 years?

And "pink slime" — how much goes into McDonald's beef?

Over the years, fast-food behemoth McDonald's has faced some pretty disturbing questions about the ingredients that go into its meals. And lately, its North American sales have been slumping. That may have something to do with the growing ranks of consumers asking pesky questions about what Big Food is feeding them.

Nurses Want To Know How Safe Is Safe Enough With Ebola

Nurses were worried about Ebola long before nurse Nina Pham became the first person to become infected with the deadly virus in the United States.Now they're worried and mad. And they've got lots of questions about how to care for future Ebola patients safely.

Dr. Wvennie MacDonald, the administrator of the JFK Memorial Hospital, has helped put new procedures in place to keep Ebola out, including a triage station to identify possible Ebola patients at the front gate.

Back On Its Feet, A Liberian Hospital Aims To Keep Ebola Out

John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital is the largest public hospital in Liberia. It has a trauma unit, a maternity ward and an outpatient clinic that serves hundreds a day.

But there's one illness that the facility won't treat: Ebola. JFK is not equipped to treat or contain it if it gets inside their wards. A new triage unit in the driveway detects patients with the virus and sends them to a dedicated Ebola center.

Demonstrators call for more protection for women in Colombia last spring. Only 20 percent of respondents in the country said they feel women are respected there. One protester holds a sign reading "Woman, neither submissive, nor devout. I want you free, pretty and crazy."

Survey: Latin America Ranks Last In Respect For Women

For the second consecutive year, a wide survey found people in Latin America are the least likely to say they live in countries where women are treated with respect and dignity, ranking below the Middle East and North Africa.

The Gallup survey found a wide range of opinions within Latin America: while 63 percent of respondents in Ecuador said women get respect, only 20 percent said the same in Peru and Colombia.

Can Changing How You Sound Help You Find Your Voice?

Just having a feminine voice means you're probably not as capable at your job.

At least, studies suggest, that's what many people in the United States think. There's a gender bias in how Americans perceive feminine voices: as insecure, less competent and less trustworthy.

This can be a problem — especially for women jockeying for power in male-dominated fields, like law.

Identifying The Worst Colleges In America

For years,Washington Monthly has been rating and ranking the nation's colleges.

But for its 2014 edition, the magazine has done something new. It has put out a list of what it says are the nation's worst colleges. That is, schools with high tuition, low graduation rates and high student debt rates.

Snapchat's logo.

Snapchat And Dropbox Breaches Are Really Third-Party-App Breaches

What can get lost in a flurry of news about Dropbox and Snapchat getting hacked is that the companies themselves deny they were hacked at all.