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Rose Tremain On Her New Novel, 'The Gustav Sonata'

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The Voice Of Vin Scully: LA Dodgers Announcer Calls His Final Game

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Hungary Votes On EU Mandatory Refugee Referendum

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Real estate magnate Donald Trump stands above the New York Stock Exchange after taking his flagship Trump Plaza Casino public in New York City. Trump's business losses in 1995 were so large that they could have allowed him to avoid paying federal income taxes for as many as 18 years, according to records obtained by <em>The New York Times</em>.

'NYT' Report: Trump's Tax Records Show He May Not Have Owed Taxes For 18 Years

Donald Trump's campaign is responding to a New York Times report that the real estate mogul claimed hundreds of millions of dollars in losses on tax returns in 1995 — an amount that could have allowed him to legally avoid paying income taxes for many years.

The 1995 tax records obtained by the newspaper show Trump as having reported a $916 million loss on personal income tax returns during that year.

L: Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence speaks at a campaign rally Aug. 31 in Phoenix. R: Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine speaks at a campaign event Aug. 1 in Richmond, Va.

How The V.P. Nominees Differ From The Tops of Their Tickets

The vice presidential nominees, Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine and Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, will meet on the debate stage Tuesday.

It'll be two traditional politicians facing off in a non-traditional election year: Kaine as the safe and even boring choice by Hillary Clinton and Pence as the calm, unflappable balance to Donald Trump's bombast.

When it comes to the issues, Kaine and Clinton mostly agree. Among other things, they want to raise taxes on the wealthy, expand gun control legislation, and they both support President Obama's executive orders on immigration.

Grace Hospital in Morganton, N.C., was funded in part by the Hill-Burton Act. Construction began in 1969.

A Bygone Era: When Bipartisanship Led To Health Care Transformation

People might be forgiven for thinking that the Affordable Care Act is the federal government's boldest intrusion into the private business of health care.

But few know about a 70-year-old law that is responsible for the construction of much of our health system's infrastructure. The law's latest anniversary came and went without much notice in August.

Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump and Kate McKinnon as Hillary Clinton keep in character during <em>SNL</em>'s cold open sketch that parodied Monday's presidential debate.

'Saturday Night Live' Is Trying To Make Us Laugh At An Election That Isn't Funny

One could see the return of Saturday Night Live this weekend as the perfect remedy after our summer of discontent. After birtherism, and deplorables, and tax returns and emails, and rumors of affairs and and videos and body doubles, we could all use a laugh.

As such, expectations were high for the show Saturday night, after being away for months, and returning only a few days after the most-viewed presidential debate in modern history.

Trying To Make The Worst Sound In The World

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Barbershop: Trump's Comments And Latinos

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Sexual Assault Numbers Vary By Who's Tracking It

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