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B.E.A.R.D. PAC is a nonpartisan superPAC that supports bearded candidates nationwide.

Empire Strikes PAC And Other Punny SuperPAC Names

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Because superPACs aren't legally allowed to donate money directly to or coordinate with a political campaign, founders often give them patriotic but purposefully vague names. There's Keep the Promise (supporting Ted Cruz), Opportunity and Freedom (Perry), Priorities USA Action (Clinton), and Pursuing America's Greatness (Huckabee).

Police-Community Collaboration Has Helped Kept Peace In Cincinnati

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France Refuses To Sell Two Warships To Russia

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Zimbabwe May Give Land Back To Some White Farmers

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SuperPac Filings, Candidates' Forums: The Week In Politics

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Edison's 'Little Monsters' Restored To Their Original Freakishness

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Kerry Aims To Repair Relations With Egypt

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Middle-school boys participate in the Minority Male Makers summer program at Morgan State University in Baltimore.

Coding Camp to Baltimore Schools: Bring Us Your Bored!

On the second floor of Morgan State University's engineering building, Jacob Walker, 12, is putting the finishing touches on a ruler he's just created.

Not yet an actual ruler. One he's designing on the computer. He just needs to add his initials — then it's time to produce it on a 3-D printer.

Jacob starts seventh grade in the fall and has big dreams. Building this ruler is all part of the plan.

"When I was a child," he says, "I loved to play with Legos, and it inspired me to be an engineer when I get older."

Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah inspects a home that was badly damaged from a suspected attack by Jewish extremists in the West Bank village of Douma. An 18-month-old child was killed and other family members seriously seriously injured.

Israeli Officials Promise To Find Arsonists Who Killed Palestinian Child

Israeli leaders vowed to find the suspected Israeli extremists behind an arson attack that killed a Palestinian toddler early Friday.

We reported Friday that the attack killed the 18-month-old boy and wounded four of his family members — some critically.

The injured were flown to an Israeli hospital where Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited one of the toddler's brothers, who he said suffered burns over 60 percent of his body.

Pacific Trade Pact In Limbo As Talks End Without A Deal

In a setback for the Obama administration, talks aimed at setting up a major free-trade zone among 12 Pacific Rim countries — the so-called Trans-Pacific Partnership — have ended without success.

Although U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman said "significant progress" had been made at this week's talks in Maui, Hawaii, and officials promised to reconvene at some future date, big differences remain among the participating countries.