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About 40 percent of high schools start before 8 a.m., which contributes to chronic sleep deprivation among teens, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Pediatricians Say School Should Start Later For Teens' Health

Many parents have pushed for a later start to the school day for teenagers, with limited success. But parents just got a boost from the nation's pediatricians, who say that making middle and high schoolers start classes before 8:30 a.m. threatens children's' health, safety and academic performance.

A Somber Show Of Support At Michael Brown's Funeral

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Ukraine Says Russian Military Vehicles Have Crossed Border

Ukraine says Russian military vehicles crossed the border in southeastern Ukraine on Monday.

Correspondent Karoun Demirjian tells our Newscast unit that the accusations from the Ukrainian military come just as Russia announced it was sending another aid convoy into Ukraine.

Reporting from Moscow, Karoun filed this report:

Palestinian boys at a damaged building in Rafah, the Gaza Strip, on Thursday. U.S. attempts to broker a comprehensive peace deal have again been shelved as Israel and Hamas have waged their third round of heavy fighting in Gaza in the past six years.

America's Middle East Scorecard: Many Interventions, Few Successes

As the U.S. juggles multiple crises in the Middle East, it's a good time to look at the map.

Find Libya. Head east across North Africa through the Middle East and all the way to Pakistan in South Asia. The journey covers eight troubled lands, side by side. In seven, Sunni Islamists are pressing for power in various stages of revolt. The eighth is Iran, where Shiite clerics have long ruled.

The U.S. has opposed Muslim fundamentalists in every one of these cases, but American involvement has not produced any resolutions.

The British Embassy celebrates the burning of the White House. (It was a joke!)

British Embassy Apologizes For Humorous Tweet About Burning The White House

So much for water under the bridge: The British Embassy in the United States is apologizing for a tweet on Sunday in which it jokingly referred to the burning of the White House 200 years ago by the British.

Here's the original tweet:

Marie Harf, a deputy spokesperson for the State Department, acknowledged shortly thereafter that "#itsComplicated."

But after a barrage of tweets questioning the taste of the original tweet, the British Embassy issued an apology:

Winemaker Tom Montgomery stands in wine and reacts to seeing damage following an earthquake at the B.R. Cohn Winery barrel storage facility on Sunday in Napa Valley.

California Quake Means Big Damage For Napa Valley Wineries

Luckily, a historic magnitude-6.0 earthquake in California over the weekend has not resulted in the loss of any human life.

The wine country, however, was deeply affected. While it's still too early to tell just how much the quake will cost Napa Valley, what's clear is that some wineries lost some of their most cherished reserves, worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Supporters of the fatally shot Michael Brown hold hands in solidarity as they are led by Tracy Martin, father of Trayvon Martin, at the Peace Fest rally Sunday in St. Louis.

At Michael Brown's Funeral, A Call For A Day Of Reckoning

After two weeks of sometimes violent protests, the family of Michael Brown finally took some time to mourn on Monday.

The funeral service for the unarmed 18-year-old killed by officer Darren Wilson was held in a St. Louis megachurch.

Brown's mother, Lesley McSpadden, and his father, Michael Brown Sr., entered the church in silence.

At a rally on Sunday, that's what Brown called for: calm and peace while his son was laid to rest.

When protests over the shooting of Michael Brown turned violent in Ferguson, Mo., livestreaming videos showed Americans what they couldn't see on TV.

As Ferguson Unraveled, The World Found A New Way Of Watching

In Ferguson, Mo., on Monday, Michael Brown, the unarmed 18-year-old shot by a police officer, will be buried. Beyond watching on traditional media outlets, many members of the public may be able to see the event live over the Internet.

Some say Ferguson has been a turning point in the U.S. for live streaming of news events. As the demonstrations unfolded there over the past two weeks, a few million people watched the events in real time.

An ActionAid worker delivers basic goods to Amanda Ellis, whose mango business has crashed since five members of her family died of Ebola. She says that she has been abandoned by her friends.

Ebola Took Her Daughters And Made Her An Outcast

"When you say Ebola," says Amanda Ellis, "everybody will run."

Ellis is 79. She's sitting in a blue plastic chair in the dirt yard in front of her house, in a rural area outside Liberia's capital city of Monrovia. She looks worn out. She has lost five members of her family to the virus that has claimed over 1,400 lives in her homeland and in neighboring countries.

Ellis' daughter Thelmorine was the first to go. She was 58. She contracted Ebola after taking care of a friend who was infected at a hospital where both of them worked as nurses.

A kids healthy snacks display at Giant Eagle.

Grocers Lead Kids To Produce Aisle With Junk Food-Style Marketing

Despite all the cheerleading for healthy eating, Americans still eat only about 1 serving of fruit per day, on average. And our veggie consumption, according to an analysis from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, falls short, too.