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NATO, Russia Aiming For Syria Cease-Fire

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Opposition In Venezuelan Legislature Drives New Direction – And Resistance

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Don't Mind The Markets, Experts Say — Economy Not Entering Recession

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The Man Behind The NFL Music: Sam Spence Dies At 88

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For Nevada Democrats, A Lot Will Depend On Latino Voters

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The Last Of Nazi War Convictions Will Not End Fight Against Anti-Semitism

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Waterboarding, a simulated drowning technique, was used by the CIA on at least three alleged terrorists.

Fact-Check: Could The Next President Bring Back Waterboarding?

As national security has come to dominate the 2016 presidential race, the GOP contenders in particular are being pushed to define where they stand on a contentious matter: how suspected terrorists should be interrogated. Specifically, they've been asked about the currently banned use of waterboarding — a simulated drowning technique the CIA used on at least three alleged terrorists.

Marriage proposals are pretty routine at America's high-end restaurants. They can lift the mood in the entire dining room, boost tips and create lifelong customers. Unless the answer is "no," that is.

Dinner With A Side Of I Do's: For Restaurants, Proposals Are Good Business

If you work in a restaurant, marriage proposals are good for business. Happy couples lift the mood in the entire dining room and often turn into lifelong customers. That once-in-a-lifetime experience for them is pretty routine for restaurateurs.

High-end restaurants with nice decor can count on someone popping the question every week or two. At a few rooms with big views, such as The Sun Dial in Atlanta or the Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas, proposals are a daily occurrence.

A group of community leaders from Denver's Westwood neighborhood toured the Waterton Canyon Reservoir in late October, to learn how the city's water is filtered and treated.

Selling The Health Benefits Of Denver's Tap Water — After Flint

The crisis of contaminated water in Flint, Mich., is making a public health message like this one harder to get across: In most communities, the tap water is perfectly safe. And it is much healthier than sugary drinks.

That's a message that Dr. Patty Braun, a pediatrician and oral health specialist at Denver Health, spends a lot of time talking to her patients about.

A Chipotle restaurant in Union Station in Washington, D.C. The company's food-safety troubles have provoked quite a bit of schadenfreude in the rest of the food industry.

Chipotle's Food-Safety Woes? Don't Expect Sympathy From Rest Of Industry

Chipotle Mexican Grill certainly is not the first company to face lawsuits and subpoenas because its food made people sick. Other companies, in fact, have faced far worse: Companies like Blue Bell, Dole and Earthbound Farms have been linked to disease outbreaks that actually killed people.

But it's difficult to think of another case in which a company's food-safety troubles provoked such schadenfreude in the food industry. The company, it seems, made a lot of enemies while marketing its "food with integrity."