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Ukraine Crisis Casts Long Shadow Over NATO Summit

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Syria Crisis Complicates U.S.-Iran Nuclear Talks

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Citizen Scientists On A Mission To Find Frogs

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Study Finds Nothing Special About Breakfast

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Trial Will Decide Detroit's Fiscal Future

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Miami Struggles To Embrace Unaccompanied Immigrants

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U.S. Launches Airstrikes To Help Aid Reach Iraqi Town

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Across Washington State, hydroelectric dams are blocking salmon as they migrate to their spawning grounds. Enter the salmon cannon.

The Salmon Cannon: Easier Than Shooting Fish Out Of A Barrel

Ever since rivers have been dammed, destroying the migration routes of salmon, humans have worked to create ways to help the fish return to their spawning grounds. We've built ladders and elevators; we've carried them by hand and transported them in trucks. Even helicopters have been used to fly fish upstream.

But all of those methods are expensive and none of them are efficient.

Enter the salmon cannon.

U.S. Conducts Airstrikes Near Besieged Iraqi Town

American forces have carried out airstrikes near the Iraqi town of Amerli, which has been under siege by Islamic militants for more than two months, multiple news outlets are reporting.

U.S., British, French and Australian aircraft also made aid drops to the area, where residents have been desperately short on food and without clean water for weeks.

Body collectors come to the home of four children in Monrovia who lost both parents to Ebola.

Liberia's Ebola Routine: Wear Your Temperature On Your Lapel

After 10 days in Liberia, NPR producer Nicole Beemsterboer has just landed in London. "You don't realize how much has been hanging over your head until you're out," she says.

She's talking about Ebola, the virus raging in Liberia as well as Sierra Leone and Guinea. "It was silent and invisible," she says. "So you're always on edge, always careful."

How did you protect yourself?