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Three University of Virginia graduates have won the right to sue <em>Rolling Stone </em>magazine for defamation over a now-retracted article alleging that members of the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity perpetrated a horrific gang rape.

Fraternity Members' Defamation Case Against 'Rolling Stone' Can Proceed, Court Says

Rolling Stone magazine is facing a defamation suit — again — as a federal appeals court ruled that three former University of Virginia students have a plausible case that they were personally implicated in a now-retracted story about an alleged gang rape.

A new monument to Mikhail Kalashnikov, creator of the AK-47, is unveiled during a ceremony Tuesday in Moscow.

Some Russians Fired Up Over New Kalashnikov Monument

His legacy lies in his eponymous AK-47 assault rifle, one of the world's most popular and lethal weapons, and now Mikhail Kalashnikov's likeness looms over Moscow in the form of a 30-foot-tall monument.

Kalashnikov's daughter, Yelena, unveiled the statue Tuesday at a square off Garden Ring Road, a busy thoroughfare in Russia's capital city, according to Reuters.

Gayzel Collins works to salvage some of the kids' belongings and begin the cleanup process.

PHOTOS: Keys Residents Face Devastated Homes, No Power And A Slow Recovery

For the first time since Hurricane Irma, people who live in the lower islands of the Florida Keys are returning home. For many, that means arriving at a home to no power and no running water. And some who live in Marathon, Summerland and Big Pine Key — islands hard-hit by Irma — found their homes no longer livable.

When Hurricane Irma made landfall on Cudjoe Key last week, it carried winds of 130 miles per hour. For islands like Marathon Key on the "dirty" — more powerful — side of the storm, the storm surge was even more damaging than the winds.

Alex said he started off selling drugs and used the money to help his mother pay the bills. But drug dealing eventually led him to more violent crimes.

'Why We Shoot'

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The Pico C is an automated beer-brewing device, or "beerbot," that can be monitored remotely from a smartphone or tablet.

Rise Of The Beerbots: Is Tech Taking The Craft Out Of Homebrewing?

In 2009, food writer Emma Christensen began brewing beer at home. She quickly grew to love each stage of the hours-long process, much of which is spent tending to a crock of boiling wort, or unfermented beer, and adding hops every few minutes. Over the course of making more than a hundred batches, she has become skilled at the art of turning barley, water, hops and yeast into beer.

Dylann Roof asked to dismiss his legal team Monday, calling the lawyers' ethnicity a "conflict of interest."

Dylann Roof Asks To Fire Legal Team Of 'Biological Enemies'

Dylann Roof, on federal death row for gunning down nine people two years ago at a historically black church in Charleston, S.C., wants his legal team dismissed because of the lawyers' ethnicity as he seeks to have his conviction and death sentence overturned.

"My two currently appointed attorneys, Alexandra Yates and Sapna Mirchandani, are Jewish and Indian respectively," Roof wrote in a letter filed Monday with the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. "It is therefore quite literally impossible that they and I could have the same interests relating to my case."

Nursing homes are required to have emergency plans and have staff practice evacuations, but many fail to meet even those basic requirements.

Many Nursing Homes Aren't Prepared For Even Basic Emergencies

It does not take a hurricane to put nursing home residents at risk when disaster strikes.

Around the country, facilities have been caught unprepared for far more mundane emergencies than the hurricanes that struck Florida and Houston, according to an examination of federal inspection records. And these nursing homes rarely face severe reprimands, even when inspectors identify repeated lapses.

In some cases, nursing homes failed to prepare for even the most basic contingencies.

President Trump: 'Put Your Countries First'

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Trump Addresses U.N. General Assembly With Tough Talk On Korea

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President Trump applauded the U.N. Security Council for its recent votes to impose tough economic sanctions on North Korea, during an address to the U.N. General Assembly on Tuesday.

Trump to U.N.: North Korea's 'Rocket Man' Kim Jong Un On A Suicide Mission

Updated at 11:34 a.m. ET

President Trump delivered a stern warning to North Korea and its outlaw nuclear program as he addressed the United Nations General Assembly Tuesday.

"The United States has great strength and patience," Trump said. "But if it is forced to defend itself or its allies, we will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea."