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These two Portuguese language posters are pro-inoculation. The one at left, produced in 1977, says, "Vaccinate and protect the children." The one at right, from '87, sends a similar message, noting that vaccination offers an opportunity for every youngster.

Posters, Bullhorns And Skirts Help Spread The Word About Vaccines

Imagine a town crier walking down the street outside shouting through his bullhorn: "All of the young people should go get the new meningitis A vaccine." And adding that it's free.

That's one of the ways that health practitioners are combating what they call "vaccine hesitancy" — refusing a vaccine when it is offered or available.

It's a topic that has made headlines this year, when an outbreak of measles focused attention on U.S. parents who'd not vaccinated their kids, fearing unproven side effects.

Giant panda Mei Xiang, together with her cub Bao Bao at the National Zoo in 2014. As of Saturday, Bao Bao now has another sibling: Her mother just gave birth to a cub.

Giant Panda At National Zoo Gives Birth To A Live Cub

Updated at 7:00 p.m. EDT

Mei Xiang, the female giant panda at the Washington National Zoo, gave birth to a cub on Saturday.

She was artificially inseminated in late April and had been monitored since for signs of successful conception. The zoo first detected signs of the pregnancy in July and reported the possible pregnancy on August 10.

Before It Can Hope to Fight Militants, Turkey Has Its Own Troubles To Tame

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Italian Coast Guard Rescuing Thousands Of Migrants In Mediterranean

The Italian coast guard says it is in the process of trying to rescue as many as 3,000 migrants after receiving distress calls from a flotilla of four boats and 14 rubber dinghies off the coast of Libya.

The BBC reports:

"At least 1,200 people have already been rescued from five of the boats, in one of the largest such operations to date.

"The route from Libya to Italy is one of the busiest for migrants trying to enter Europe."

Afghan security forces and British soldiers inspect the site of a suicide attack in the heart of Kabul, Afghanistan, on Saturday. Three American civilian contractors are reportedly among the dead.

Suicide Car Bomb In Kabul Kills 12, Including 3 American Contractors

A suicide car bomb targeting a convoy in the Afghan capital has killed a dozen people, including three American contractors, NATO say. Scores of others were wounded.

The attack, which wounded 66 people, took place in Kabul's Macrorayan neighborhood, what The Associated Press describes as "a Soviet-built housing estate lined with shops, hospitals and schools."

Emergency services attend the scene on the A27, where seven people died after a plane crashed into cars on the major road during an aerial display at the Shoreham Airshow in West Sussex.

Jet At British Airshow Crashes On Busy Road, Killing 7

Seven people were killed outside a British airshow near Brighton after a military jet crashed into a busy road, police said Saturday. More than a dozen others were hurt.

The single-seat Hawker Hunter jet — taken out of service with the royal air force and navy decades ago — failed to pull out of an acrobatic loop at the Shoreham Airshow and hit several vehicles on the A27 in nearby West Sussex, on England's south coast.

Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones stands next to a illegal aliens sign he had placed in the parking lot of the Butler County Sheriff's Department, Nov. 3, 2005, in Hamilton, Ohio.

Tracing The Shifting Meaning Of "Alien"

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump repeatedly referred to "criminal aliens" and "illegal aliens" in the immigration plan he released on Sunday. "Alien," and especially "illegal alien," have become such staples in the vocabulary of conservative pundits and politicians that many immigrant rights advocates now reject those terms as derogatory and dehumanizing.

But it wasn't always like that.

Hurricane Danny is seen in a NOAA image taken by the GOES-East satellite taken at 10:15 ET on Thursday. The storm, now a Category 2, is expected to lose strength over the next day or two.

Tropical Storm Danny Losing Strength, But Still Packs A Punch

Update at 8:30 p.m.:

Danny has weakened to a tropical storm, the NOAA has announced, and the maximum sustained winds have dropped to 65 mph.

Our previous post continues:

Hurricane Danny has weakened a bit, getting a downgrade from a Category 3 to a Category 2 storm as it moves across the Atlantic toward the islands of the eastern Caribbean.

An undated composite photograph showing the delegates at the Panmunjom talks on Saturday. (Left to right) South Korean National Security Adviser Kim Kwan-jin, South Korean Unification Minister Hong Yong-pyo, Hwang Pyong-so, the North Korean military's top political officer and Kim Yang-gon, the top North Korean official in charge of inter-Korean affairs.

Koreas Hold Talks Aimed At Preventing Larger Conflict

Updated at 5:05 p.m. ET

North and South Korea are holding high-level talks aimed at defusing tensions and preventing an exchange of artillery at the border from leading to a full-scale conflict between the bitter rivals.

Three men who helped to disarm an attacker on a train from Amsterdam to France, from left to right, Anthony Sadler, Alek Skarlatos and Chris Norman, a British man living in France, pose with medals they received for their bravery at a restaurant in Arras, France. A fourth man, American Spencer Stone, was wounded in the take-down and remains in the hospital.

Americans Hailed As Heroes For Subduing Gunman On Train In Belgium

Updated at 4:45 p.m. ET

More details are emerging about the incident in which three Americans, including two U.S. servicemen traveling in civilian clothes, overpowered, tackled and subdued a Kalashnikov-wielding gunman aboard a high-speed train in Belgium.

One of those who helped take down the assailant was slashed multiple times with a box cutter in the scuffle and remains hospitalized with non-life threatening wounds, according to The Associated Press.