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"It's been in my lifetime that I could not register and vote freely," said Flonzie Brown-Wright.

For Many Black Voters, Trump's 'What Do You Have To Lose?' Plea Isn't Enough

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Like a lot of people's grandmothers, Flonzie Brown-Wright keeps a candy jar in the living room of her single-story home, which is also adorned with potted plants and family photos.

A pneumatic network, in red, is embedded within the octobot's entirely soft body and elastic arms, in blue.

WATCH: Squishy 'Octobot' Moves Autonomously

They call it the octobot.

The squishy eight-legged robot described in the journal Nature is made entirely out of soft, flexible materials, runs on hydrogen peroxide, and looks like a 2-centimeter-tall baby octopus.

By testing tumors, researchers hoped to identify women who could avoid chemotherapy without increasing their risk of a cancer recurrence.

Study Of Breast Cancer Treatment Reveals Paradox Of Precision Medicine

A major study about the best way to treat early-stage breast cancer reveals that "precision medicine" doesn't provide unambiguous answers about how to choose the best therapy.

"Precision doesn't mean certainty," says David Hunter, a professor of cancer prevention at Harvard's T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

That point is illustrated in a large study published Wednesday in the New England Journal of Medicine, involving decisions about chemotherapy.

An aggressive marketing campaign has made the EpiPen the go-to drug for treating anaphylaxis.

Latest Target In The Drug Price Wars? The Ubiquitous EpiPen

EpiPens are in your friend's purse and your kid's backpack. The school nurse has a few, as does Grandma.

The medicine inside — epinephrine — has been around forever, and the handy gadget that injects it into your leg is not particularly new either.

So members of Congress, responding to their angry constituents, want to know why the price of the EpiPen, which can reverse a life-threatening allergic reaction, has risen about fivefold in the past decade.

Anil Kurup, the cafe's baker, grew up in the same orphanage as the owner, Amin Sheikh.

He Used To Live On The Streets Of Mumbai. Now, His Cafe Welcomes Everyone

The Bombay to Barcelona Library Cafe sits on one side of a noisy street in a lower-middle-class neighborhood of Mumbai, India, not far from the city's swanky new international airport.

This photo shows conjoined twins born in Syria on July 23, waiting for lifesaving surgery. Arrangements weren't made in time and the twins died on Wednesday.

Syrian Conjoined Twins Die While Waiting For Lifesaving Surgery

Newborn conjoined twins were evacuated from a Syrian rebel stronghold to the capital, Damascus, after lengthy negotiations earlier this month.

But brothers Moaz and Nawras died early Wednesday before they could be transferred to a hospital outside Syria for urgent heart surgery. It's a tragic end to a story that was the subject of an international campaign to save their lives.

Supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders cheer during a protest near City Hall in Philadelphia during the Democratic National Convention in July.

Bernie Sanders' New Political 'Revolution' Faces Bumpy Beginning

Bernie Sanders is launching a new political organization. It's called Our Revolution. It aims to support candidates and, according to its website, "advance the progressive agenda that we believe in."

But the revolution is getting off to a rocky start.

Eight key staffers abruptly resigned over the weekend in a dispute over the group's leadership and legal structure.

Canada's national police force confirmed Wednesday that the hijab would be permitted for Muslim female officers.

Canada's Mounties Say Female Officers Can Wear Hijabs

Canada's national police force says it is allowing women in its ranks to wear the hijab.

A spokesman confirmed Wednesday that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, known as the Mounties, recently approved the headscarf for its Muslim officers.

Tropical Storm Colin brought big waves to Fort Myers Beach in Fort Myers, Fla., in early June. Given the threat of serious flooding, Gov. Rick Scott declared a state of emergency in the area.

Climate Change Complicates Predictions Of Damage From Big Surf

Tropical Storm Colin ripped across the Gulf of Mexico in June and hit the coast of southwest Florida with 60-mile-an-hour winds. Before it arrived, a team from the U.S. Geological Survey used a new computer model to predict how far inland the waves would invade. When the storm hit, the USGS sent Joe Long out to film it.

Early morning haze colors Mount Katahdin and its surrounding mountains as seen in 2014 from a height of land along Route 11 in Patten, Maine. The viewpoint is part of the Katahdin Woods & Waters scenic byway.

In Maine, Land From Burt's Bees Co-Founder Is Declared A National Monument

In Maine's North Woods, forests and rivers that used to feed paper mills will now be permanently protected as a national monument — thanks to a donation by the co-founder of Burt's Bees.

President Obama announced the creation of the Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument on Wednesday, just one day before the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service.