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The location of the crane collapse, at 40 Worth St. and West Broadway, Manhattan.

Manhattan Crane Collapse Kills At Least 1 Person

The New York City Fire Department says a crane collapse early Friday in Manhattan's Tribeca neighborhood killed at least one person and seriously injured two others.

Fire officials tweeted that they are responding to the scene of the crane collapse, which happened at the intersection of Worth Street and West Broadway.

Photos posted by the FDNY on Twitter show the red crane stretching down the street with its vehicle crushed and flipped over.

Theodore Roosevelt is one of the earliest presidents associated with "progressive" politics, even accepting the nomination of the Progressive Party in 1912.

Democrats Debate: What Is A Progressive And Who Wants To Be One?

Before they got down to debating the big issues Thursday night, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders wrangled over one big word: progressivism.

Which of them was the true progressive? Was Clinton a progressive at all?

Sanders has long billed himself as a progressive, also describing himself as a "democratic socialist." He has not been known for flirting with the term "moderate." But Clinton has at times willingly chosen the latter label.

A worker is shown last month at the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles' Warren Stamping Plant in Warren, Mich.

U.S. Added 151,000 Jobs In January, Unemployment Dropped To 4.9 Percent

The U.S. economy added just 151,000 jobs in January while unemployment dropped slightly, to 4.9 percent, according to the latest figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Economists had expected to see about 190,000 new jobs.

The unemployment rate, which has held steady at 5 percent the past few months, dropped slightly to 4.9 percent. It's the first time unemployment has fallen below 5 percent since the recession.

For the first time since their churches split in the 11th century, Pope Francis and Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill will meet in person. They're seen here in photos from earlier this year.

Meeting Between Pope And Russian Orthodox Patriarch Will Be 'First In History'

The pope and the head of the Russian Orthodox Church will meet next week in Cuba for a two-hour session that the Vatican and the Moscow Patriarchate say would be "the first in history" — the churches split in the Great Schism of 1054.

The historic meeting between Pope Francis and Patriarch Kirill is set for Feb. 12. It's the result of an "intersection of the itineraries" as both leaders will be visiting Latin America next week, the Russian Orthodox Church says.

Democratic presidential candidate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., stand next to each before their debate in Durham, N.H. The debate was sponsored by MSNBC.

Last Clash Before N.H. Puts Clinton, Sanders In A Field Of Friendly Fire

The fifth debate between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders was their first appearance as a duet, and that helped to highlight some of their harmony – even as it heightened their crescendos of dissonance.

With Martin O'Malley having suspended his campaign earlier in the week, the two remaining rivals for the Democratic presidential nomination met in New Hampshire on Thursday night — on stage together for nearly two hours.

"I happen to respect the secretary very much; I hope it's mutual," said Sanders.

And Clinton reciprocated:

Journalists work outside the Ecuadorian embassy where WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been holed up since 2012. A UN panel says he deserves compensation for being arbitrarily detained.

Julian Assange Is Being Arbitrarily Held And Should Be Freed, U.N. Group Says

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been "arbitrarily detained" by Sweden and the U.K., a U.N. panel has ruled, adding that Assange should be freed and compensated for his treatment.

The United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention calls the situation, in which Assange has lived inside Ecuador's embassy in London for more than five years, a breach of international agreements on both human rights and civil liberties.

Iranian businessman Ebrahim Pourfaraj in front of 240-foot deep construction site for what he says will be Iran's biggest hotel. Pourfaraj is betting big that the lifting of sanctions will open Iran's economy to the world after years of limited contact.

Digging Deep To Build The Tallest Hotel In Iran

Ebrahim Pourfaraj wants to build the biggest hotel in all of Iran.

He's already started his project in the far north Tehran, a wealthy zone where the city climbs up the slopes of the snow-capped Alborz Mountains.

You get out of the car, carefully stepping over the little mountain stream that flows in a channel beside the curb. After stepping through a construction trailer, you emerge on a steel-mesh platform looking over the edge of an enormous hole.

Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning during Super Bowl XLVIII in 2014. Manning will meet the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50 this Sunday.

For Pro Athletes, Knowing When It's Time To Call It Quits

Sunday's Super Bowl 50 — Carolina Panthers versus the Denver Broncos — could mark the end of an era.

Peyton Manning's last game.

The veteran Broncos quarterback turns 40 next month. After a season plagued by injury and poor play, many suggested it was time to retire. Manning fueled speculation about his future after Denver won the AFC Championship game and microphones heard him tell New England head coach Bill Belichick, "This may be my last rodeo."

Sen. Bernie Sanders and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spar during a Democratic presidential primary debate hosted by MSNBC at the University of New Hampshire on Thursday.

The 5th Democratic Debate In 100 Words (And A Video)

The fifth Democratic debate was the first mano-a-mano encounter of the campaign. It meant there was enough room for an extended argument over the word "progressive." The biggest clash came when Sanders accused Clinton of taking Wall Street money. Clinton fired back that it was time to end that "artful smear." Sanders again turned talk of foreign policy to questioning Clinton's "judgment" on the Iraq war. Clinton replied: "A vote in 2002 is not a plan to defeat ISIS." Sanders refused to politicize the email issue.

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders at the final debate for Democratic before the New Hampshire primaries at the University of New Hampshire in Durham, New Hampshire on Thursday.

'Progressive' Debate: 7 Moments You Might Have Missed From Clinton, Sanders

The fight over the definition of "progressive" dominated the first half of the debate between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders Thursday on MSNBC, the first head-to-head debate between the two. It also came just days before the crucial New Hampshire primary.

Here are seven moments that stood out from the debate:

1. 'A progressive is someone who makes progress'

The debate focused on a central question about what it means to be a Democrat in 2016.

"A progressive is someone who makes progress," Clinton said.