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Big companies, like The Kolache Factory, which is headquartered in Texas, have started to build franchises in other states.

The Czech Pastry That Took Texas By Storm, And Keeps Gaining Strength

Ask any displaced Texan what they miss from home and they'll likely list a few items: brisket, football, higher speed limits, tacos and kolaches.

Now, if you're lucky enough to have had a kolache, you know it's a Texas staple, but if you haven't had one, you're probably still trying to figure out how to pronounce the word. It's "ko-lah-chee."

A photograph of the late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat hangs outside a door leading to the small bedroom where he spent his final years, a display at the new Arafat Museum in the West Bank city of Ramallah.

In The Spot Where He Spent His Final Years, A Museum Honors Yasser Arafat

There's a new museum in the West Bank dedicated to an iconic and controversial world figure: the late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat.

Visitors can get a peek at Arafat memorabilia and walk through the small compound in Ramallah where he was kept confined, surrounded by Israeli tanks, in the final years of his life.

People flee rebel-held eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo into the Sheikh Maqsud area, controlled by Kurdish fighters, in Syria on Sunday. The photo was provided by the Rumaf, a Syrian Kurdish activist group, and authenticated by The Associated Press.

Thousands Flee Eastern Aleppo As Syrian Regime Forces Advance

In Syria, thousands of civilians are fleeing eastern Aleppo as pro-government forces advance on rebel-held territory.

The city has been divided between the regime-held west and rebel-controlled east since 2012. Now, as The Two-Way reported Sunday, government forces are pushing to split the rebel-held territory in half.

Patients Increasingly Influence The Direction Of Medical Research

Patients and their advocates are getting an ever-larger voice in how medical research is carried out. They participate in the design of experiments and have a greater say in what outcomes they care about most — and it's not always simply living longer.

Sharon Terry has lived through a couple of decades during which patients went from being complete outsiders to participants. She worries now that they risk being co-opted by the medical research juggernaut.

Some Assembly Required: New Space Telescope Will Take Shape After Launch

The next generation of great space telescopes is heading into its final round of ground tests. The nearly $9 billion James Webb Space Telescope will replace the aging Hubble Space Telescope. It's designed to provide unprecedented images of the earliest stars and galaxies that formed in the universe.

But before the telescope can get to work, there are still a lot of engineering challenges to overcome.

Millions Have Dyslexia, Few Understand It

Part 1 of our series "Unlocking Dyslexia."

"It's frustrating that you can't read the simplest word in the world."

Thomas Lester grabs a book and opens to a random page. He points to a word: galloping.

"Goll—. G—. Gaa—. Gaa—. G—. " He keeps trying. It is as if the rest ­­of the word is in him somewhere, but he can't sound it out.

"I don't ... I quit." He tosses the book and it skids along the table.

In Havana, Cubans Settle Into Long Mourning Period For Fidel Castro

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Francois Fillon waves before delivering a speech after the conservative presidential primary on Nov. 27, in Paris.

Francois Fillon Wins France's Conservative Presidential Primary

In France's presidential primary election for the mainstream conservative party, Alain Juppé conceded defeat to Francois Fillon. The 71-year-old Juppé congratulated Fillon, 62, on a "wide victory," according to The Associated Press.

The AP reported the election results showed Juppé winning 32 percent of the vote compared to Fillon's 68 percent. Fillon had surged "in popularity in recent weeks over longtime favorite" Juppé, the news service said.

Product safety field staff send damaged products, such as this burnt battery pack from a defective electric scooter, to the government testing lab in Rockville, Md.

As Batteries Keep Catching Fire, U.S. Safety Agency Prepares For Change

Picture this: You're at a park, on a walk, with a baby. A friendly middle-aged man approaches you and tells you your stroller could be really dangerous.

You might think, this man is crazy. But maybe not if you knew he's the nation's product safety chief.

Happy Holidays from The Hole.

People Knowingly Donated $100,000 To Dig A Big, Pointless Hole In The Ground

When you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss also gazes into you.

Cards Against Humanity, the maker of the game of the same name, announced last week it would be celebrating Black Friday by digging a giant, pointless hole in the ground. The company named it the Holiday Hole, and said it would dig the hole for as long as people were willing to pay for it. The dig lasted for days and ended on Sunday.