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Senate Passes Bill To Fund Government Through December

The Senate has overwhelmingly passed a bill that funds the government through December. The bill does not strip funding from Planned Parenthood.

Remember, some House Republicans had insisted on defunding Planned Parenthood before they voted to extend funding for the whole government.

NPR's Ailsa Chang reports that the action now moves to the House. She filed this report for our Newscast unit:

"On this last day before the government runs out of funding, the Senate has teed things up to avert a shutdown.

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (left) speaks next to outgoing Speaker of the House Rep. John Boehner earlier this week.

House To Vote On New Speaker Next Week

If all goes as planned, the House will know who its next speaker will be by the end of next week. Elections for the next House leadership will be held on Thursday, October 8 — a date outgoing Speaker John Boehner said he came to after consulting the Republican conference.

Boehner's office released this statement from the speaker:

After consulting with our conference, a large majority of our members have made clear they want these elections held next week. With their considerations in mind, the House leadership elections will take place on Thursday, October 8....

Even In Prison, Health Care Often Comes With A Copay

Correctional facilities have to provide health services to people who are incarcerated, but that doesn't mean the care is free of charge. In most states, inmates may be on the hook for copayments ranging from a few dollars to as much as $100 for medical care, a recent study finds.

Hillary Clinton speaks at an event in New Hampshire earlier this month. The presidential candidate continues to face questions over her use emails as secretary of state.

Hillary Clinton's 2 Audiences On Her Emails: Voters And Investigators

The State Department is preparing to release another batch of Hillary Clinton's email messages Wednesday. It's the latest in what Clinton herself called a process of "drip drip drip" that will extend into early next year.

A baseball fan misses a third chance to catch ball.

WATCH: One Baseball Fan's Very Bad Day

So, maybe you've been having a bad day.

We're pretty sure that one guy — a baseball fan at Tuesday's Yankees game — can one up you.

The man was sitting along the third base line and got three chances to catch a ball. The guy fumbled all of them:

The good news: He eventually did get a ball, and he — and the woman sitting next to him — seemed to get over the mishaps just fine.

"I think there's a move that needs to be made toward accelerating what's already inevitable, which is a clean-energy transition that'll create jobs, safeguard our environment and reduce our dependence on foreign oil," Jay Faison told NPR.

The Republican Businessman Who Wants The GOP To Address Climate Change

Republican candidates need to get on board with addressing climate change, and voters will follow. That's the message Republican businessman Jay Faison of North Carolina is pushing — and he's putting his money behind it.

A new poll commissioned by Faison's organization, ClearPath, found a majority of Republicans — 56 percent — believe in climate change and say that man plays some role in it. Fifty-four percent of conservative Republicans agree with that.

U.S. Forces Conduct Airstrikes Near Taliban-Held Kunduz Airport

The United States has carried out three airstrikes on the outskirts of Kunduz in Afghanistan.

Col. Brian Tribus, a spokesman for the military, said members of the coalition encountered insurgents and that's when the U.S. ordered airstrikes through the day Tuesday and into the early morning Wednesday.

Tribus stressed that coalition forces are in the country in a noncombat role, but "our service members have the right to protect themselves if necessary."

Russia has ramped up its role in Syria's civil war. Here, President Vladimir Putin (center) speaks with Secretary of State John Kerry (right) and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov at the U.N. General Assembly on Monday.

Russia Begins Airstrikes In Syria After Assad's Request

Updated at 11:20 a.m. ET

In a new development that could change the dynamic of Syria's civil war, Russian military began carrying out airstrikes in Syria on Wednesday. Russia says it will target ISIS fighters as part of a plan to fight terrorism.

U.S. State Department spokesman John Kirby says a Russian official informed the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad about the missions and also requested that American military aircraft avoid Syrian airspace during Russian operations.

In Sophomore Year, Kirkus Prize Features An Eclectic Mix Of Finalists

Out of 1,032 books, only 18 remain.

Judges for the Kirkus Prize have whittled a vast list of eligible entrants down to just six finalists each in three categories: fiction, nonfiction and young readers' literature. The shortlists for the literary award, now in its second year, boast a healthy mix — between Americans and writers in translation, second-timers and old hands, headline-grabbers and small presses.

And that's not to mention the picture books.

Series Of Parcel Explosions Reportedly Hit Guangxi, China

At least six people are dead in a large city of southern China after a series of powerful explosions that are being blamed on parcel bombs. As many as 13 explosions caused the damage in and around Liuzhou, according to local media.

China's Xinhua News agency posted photos on Twitter showing concrete rubble and overturned cars; China Central TV says the explosions "reportedly occurred in 13 locations," including at shopping malls, a government building, a bus station, a hospital and a prison.