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Brooklyn DA Works To Overturn His 'Legacy Of Disgrace'

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Texas Can Enforce Voter ID Law For November Election

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James Foley Memorial Set In His New Hampshire Home Town

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A Free Syrian Army fighter runs after attacking a tank with a rocket-propelled grenade during fighting in Aleppo, Syria, in September 2012. The rebels say they are willing to take on the Islamic State, but need more weapons.

Syria's 'Moderate Rebels' Say They Are Willing, But Need Weapons

The American-led coalition opposing the so-called Islamic State in Iraq and Syria is starting to move toward vetting and training ground forces to do battle in both countries.

But it's a slow process, and it comes after years of frustrations for veterans of the Free Syrian Army, or the FSA, who have gathered in southeastern Turkey, a place with a long history of epic battles and religious fights.

Two Wildcard Teams Meet In World Series

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European Slowdown Drives Roller-Coaster Week In Markets

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Robot Bees Could Assist With Tricky Rescue Operations

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Dallas Hospital Deals With Aftermath Of Ebola Missteps

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The Illinois State Corn Husking Competition is one of nine competitions happening during harvest season all across the Midwest.

Once A Year, Farmers Go Back To Picking Corn By Hand — For Fun

Frank Hennenfent is a typical Illinois farmer. At this time of year, he spends countless hours in an air-conditioned, GPS-equipped combine – an enormous machine that can harvest as many as 12 rows of corn at a time.

But in late September, Hennenfent was going back to the basics. He was a top competitor at the 34th annual Illinois State Corn Husking Competition.

Kitibe, 26, has recovered from Ebola and was ready to go home. Then the hospital told him he might have TB.

The Ebola Survivors Who Can't Go Home

Jusoisatu Jusu, 24, lives in a room in an abandoned hospital ward with her six-year-old son. They've survived Ebola. And now they're stuck.

"It's terrible," she says. "We have a lot of things to do, so we want to get back."

But they can't. They live in a town called Makeni, about 130 miles away. Public transportation around the country is limited or canceled because of the outbreak. And Jusu doesn't have the money to pay for a private ride.