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Syrians who fled from Aleppo's rebel-held areas queue to receive food on Dec. 1 at a shelter in the neighborhood of Jibreen, east of Aleppo.

For Aleppo Residents Under Siege, A Risky Journey To Relative Safety

In the northern Syrian city of Aleppo, tens of thousands of people have fled a brutal, Russian-backed regime offensive against rebel-held parts of the city. Many have fled deeper into the tightening siege, which started over the summer. Others have sought safety on the government-held side.

My conversation with a woman who recently fled the siege begins with her asking how I am. She's safe now, but is still afraid to give her name. She fears for her son — still fighting with the rebels — and for other male relatives who've been detained by the regime for questioning.

Former Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel sits while his defense attorneys confer with the prosecution during his initial hearing in May 2016 in Dallas.

Prosecutors Agree To Drop Assault Charges Against Former Cleveland QB Johnny Manziel

The Dallas County District Attorney has reached an agreement to drop assault charges against former Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel, as long he as meets conditions such as attending an anger management course and a substance abuse program.

Data collected between Nov. 17-28 by NASA's Aeronomy of Ice in the Mesosphere, or AIM, spacecraft Antarctica covered in glowing electric blue due to the start of noctilucent, or night-shining, cloud season.

The Electric Blue Polar Cloud Season Came Early This Year

Each year, a glowing mass of clouds forms over the South Pole, high in the atmosphere, trapped between Earth and space.

From the ground they look wispy and shimmery, like a blue-white aurora borealis. From space, they look like an electric-blue gossamer haze.

Non-GMO labels, like this one at Whole Foods, may strengthen consumer perceptions that genetically modified foods may carry risks to health.

Americans Don't Trust Scientists' Take On Food Issues

If you're curious about what people really think about some of the hottest of hot-button food controversies, the Pew Research Center has just the thing for you: a survey of attitudes toward genetic modification, organic food and the importance of eating healthfully.

The survey results are published in a 99-page report that can keep you occupied for days. But if you're pressed for time, here are some of the most interesting highlights that caught our eye.

Rep. Keith Ellison speaking to the Democratic National Convention in July. Ellison, who represents Minneapolis, wants to lead the Democratic National Committee.

Keith Ellison's Bid To Lead The DNC Faces Increasing Resistance

Friday afternoon, four candidates for Democratic National Committee chair will gather in Denver to debate the future of the embattled party.

For Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison, the forum will be a chance to respond to a growing backlash against his bid to run the DNC.

Ellison appeared to be the early favorite when he entered the race. He earned endorsements from two powerful voices – Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and incoming Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

Former Marine Corps Gen. James Mattis, now President-elect Donald Trump's nominee to lead the Defense Department, at a 2011 congressional hearing.

Trump's Defense Pick Challenges Rules Regarding Civilian Control Of The Military

Retired Gen. James Mattis' nomination to be President-elect Donald Trump's secretary of defense may, well, march through the Senate, but there is one potential obstacle to maneuver around: the retired general part.

The National Security Act of 1947, which established the current national defense structure, had a key stipulation, requiring that the secretary of defense be a civilian well removed from military service. In fact, the law is quite clear:

<em>Fawlty Towers</em> actor Andrew Sachs was photographed in a 1981 training manual for caterers.

Andrew Sachs, Who Played Beloved Waiter Manuel On 'Fawlty Towers,' Dies

Actor Andrew Sachs, best known for his beloved portrayal of a hapless Spanish waiter named Manuel on the British sitcom Fawlty Towers, has died at 86.

Sachs had "suffered from dementia for four years," according to the BBC. He died on Nov. 23 and was buried Thursday.

Andy Savage, defense attorney for former North Charleston, S.C., police Officer Michael Slager, awaits a verdict from the jury on Friday.

Jury In S.C. Police Shooting Trial Says It Is Struggling To Reach Verdict

Updated at 6:40 p.m. ET

The jury in the murder trial of former North Charleston, S.C., police Officer Michael Slager told the judge on Friday afternoon that it's having trouble coming to a unanimous verdict.

They will resume deliberating Monday.

Slager is accused of murder for shooting Walter Scott multiple times as he ran away from the officer in 2015, after a routine traffic stop.

President-elect Donald Trump speaks during an event in Cincinnati on Thursday.

5 Fact Checks From Trump's Cincinnati 'Thank-You Tour' Kickoff

Donald Trump kicked off his postelection "thank you tour" with a Thursday-night rally that sounded a lot like any of his campaign rallies. He said trade was dangerous, he warned about refugees, and his mention of his former opponent, Hillary Clinton, prompted supporters to chant "lock her up."

As was the case at many times on the campaign trail, Trump's presentation of facts requires some fact-checking and context. Here's a look at the president-elect's Thursday-night speech.

Study: Vast Majority Of People Who Are Depressed Do Not Seek Help

"I lost more than 80 percent of my university friends," recalls Jagannath Lamichhane.

After silently struggling with depression for two decades, Lamichhane published an essay in Nepal Times about his mental illness. "I could have hid my problem — like millions of people around the world," he says, but "if we hide our mental health, it may remain a problem forever."