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Probiotic Bacteria Could Protect Newborns From Deadly Infection

If you're in desperate need for some good news, look no further.

Scientists in the U.S. and India have found an inexpensive treatment that could possibly save hundreds of thousands of newborns each year.

And it turns out, the secret weapon was sitting in Asian kitchens all along: probiotic bacteria that are common in kimchi, pickles and other fermented vegetables.

Binge-drinking sounds like an all-night bender, but here's a reality check: Many social drinkers may "binge" without knowing it. Women who drink four or more drinks on an occasion are binge-drinking.

With Heavy Drinking On The Rise, How Much Is Too Much?

If one glass of wine takes the edge off, why not drink a few more?

This thinking may help explain the findings of a new study that points to an increase in drinking among adults in the U.S., especially women.

President Trump speaks during a visit to Federal Emergency Management Agency headquarters in Washington, D.C., on Aug. 4.

Trump Rolls Back Obama-Era Flood Standards For Infrastructure Projects

President Trump's astonishing press conference on Tuesday was, ostensibly, an announcement about infrastructure. But his brief remarks on the permitting process were entirely overshadowed by his defense of attendees at a white supremacist rally, among other remarks.

The Best Item In An Astronaut's Care Package? Definitely The Ice Cream

A SpaceX craft docked at the International Space Station on Wednesday carrying more than 6,400 pounds of lab equipment and supplies for crew members living there.

But perhaps the most eagerly awaited cargo on the resupply mission may also be its most perishable: ice cream.

We all remember astronaut ice cream, those little dehydrated bricks of neopolitan.

Kenyan opposition leader Raila Odinga addresses the media Wednesday at the offices of his National Super Alliance, or NASA, coalition in Nairobi. Odinga said he would take his allegations of electoral fraud to the country's Supreme Court — after previously refusing to do so — and vowed to protest peacefully.

Kenyan Opposition Leader Vows To Take Election Challenge To Supreme Court

Just over a week after Kenyans went to polls to decide their president, opposition leader Raila Odinga has vowed a legal challenge to the official results that re-elected his rival, incumbent Uhuru Kenyatta. At a news conference Wednesday, Odinga announced that he plans to take allegations of "computer-generated fraud" to the country's Supreme Court.

"This is just the beginning," he said. "We will not accept and move on."

NASA Astronauts Set To Get Sweet Treat With Next Delivery To International Space Station

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Trump's Comments On White Supremacists Raise Questions

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Vice President Pence Stays Aligned With Trump Despite Other Republicans Distancing Themselves

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Charlottesville Community Gathers To Remember Heather Heyer

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Dreamhost Challenges Department Of Justice Anti-Trump Records Request

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