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The restoration of the landmark, popularized by a <em>House of Cards</em> episode, has some fans wondering whether the giant peach will lose its giggle-inducing appearance.

Often The Butt Of Jokes, S.C.'s Giant Peach Is Ripe For Renovation

You can't miss it as you drive down I-85. The Peachoid, as it's called, is a massive peach-shape water tower near the North Carolina border.

When maintenance crews sandblasted the paint off the water tower recently, people were furious.

Just ask Claire Huminski, with the city of Gaffney.

Sales of prescription opioid painkillers have quadrupled since 1999, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Maine Bill Aims To Make Abuse-Deterrent Painkillers More Affordable

The problem of opiate addiction in Maine is one that state Rep. Barry Hobbins knows something about. "One of my family members has been struggling with this dreaded addiction of opiates for six years," he says.

So when pharmaceutical company Pfizer — which makes opioids that have abuse-deterrent properties — asked Hobbins to sponsor a bill that would require insurance companies to cover these more expensive drugs at the same level as other opioids, he agreed.

Karla Rodriguez and her family: Evelia Beltran (from left), Aileen Orozco, Cesar Orozco, Karla Rodriguez, Evelyn Orozco, Brandon Orozco and Brenda Orozco.

Immigrant Family's Hope On Hold After Promises From The President

Six months ago, when President Obama announced sweeping and polarizing executive actions on immigration, immigrant families all over the country were watching his rare prime-time address.

But those actions have now fallen out of the headlines and the highest-profile changes are on hold.

An Author Of Paper About Changing Minds On Gay Marriage Seeks Retraction

Late last year, the journal Science published a study that suggested door-to-door canvassing could increase support for same-sex marriage.

Stephanie and Brian Packer make lunch with their children, Brian, 11, Savannah, 5, Scarlett, 10, and Jacob, 8.

Terminally Ill California Mom Speaks Out Against Assisted Suicide

Stephanie Packer was 29 when she found out she had a terminal lung disease.

That's the same age as Brittany Maynard, who last year was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. Last fall, Maynard, of Northern California, opted to end her life with the help of a doctor in Oregon, where physician-assisted suicide is legal.

Is Harvard Showing Bias Against Asian-Americans?

A group of more than 60 organizations has filed a complaint with the federal government claiming Harvard holds higher expectations for its Asian applicants than other minorities.

The coalition is made up of nonprofit organizations, including Chinese, Pakistani and Indian groups, and it claims Harvard uses racial quotas to control the number of Asian-Americans on campus.

"Asian-American applicants shouldn't be racially profiled in college admissions," says Swann Lee, a Chinese-American writer from Brookline, Mass. "Asian-Americans should have the playing field leveled."

A fishing boat carrying Rohingya and Bangladeshi migrants is pulled to shore by Achenese fishermen off the coast of Julok, in Indonesia's Aceh province, on Wednesday.

Desperate Rohingya Granted Temporary Shelter. But What Next?

The governments of Indonesia and Malaysia agreed Wednesday to allow boats full of thousands of migrants stranded at sea to come ashore.

The news came as Indonesian fishermen rescued more than 400 people from a boat that first made the news last week — and finally got governments to act.

Found by two boatloads of journalists late last week, the ship had hundreds of desperate men, women and children packed aboard. The captain and crew were missing.

Bill Murray emerged from a cake to give David Letterman a goodbye embrace during Tuesday's taping of <em>The Late Show. </em>Letterman is ending his run as the show's host Wednesday.

David Letterman Is Set For Final Curtain Wednesday Night

It's last call for The Late Show. As of tonight, David Letterman's run of 33 years in the talk-show business will end, shutting down a TV show that was famously comfortable being both acerbic and goofy.

"Tomorrow is our final show," Letterman said Tuesday night. "Unless it rains. Then there'll be a rain delay, and we'll probably make it up ... in a double-header around Labor Day."

A woman walks past an ad for Coca-Cola in Bamako, the capital of the Republic of Mali.

I'd Like To Buy The Emerging World A Coke

So who does drink the most soda in the world, anyway?

That's a question that popped into my mind after the series finale of Mad Men. Ad man Don Draper goes on a hippie retreat, chants some "oms" and then the famous 1971 Coke jingle, sung by an ethnically diverse group of youth, begins to play: "I'd like to buy the world a Coke and keep it company. It's the real thing."

There's debate over what that means on the show. Did Draper write the jingle?

People line up outside the Kynect store at the Fayette Mall, in Lexington, Ky., in February to apply for health insurance through the state exchange.

Popular Health Exchange In Jeopardy After Surprise Republican Win

More than 500,000 people have gotten health insurance in Kentucky through the state's health care exchange, Kynect, and through expanded Medicaid. Kentucky has seen the second-steepest drop in uninsured of any state.