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Hillary Clinton criticized Donald Trump's economic platform at an event in Columbus, Ohio, on Tuesday.

Clinton Stings Trump On Economy: 'We Can't Let Him Bankrupt America'

Hillary Clinton delivered a stinging indictment Tuesday of both Donald Trump's business record and his economic policy prescriptions, an early effort to undermine what the business mogul has billed as one of his chief qualifications for the White House.

"We can't let him bankrupt America like we are one of his failed casinos," Clinton told supporters at an alternative high school in Columbus, Ohio. "We can't let him roll the dice with our children's futures."

Chicago-based aircraft manufacturer Boeing would not divulge details about its deal with Iran Air — not the number of aircraft involved, the specific models or the price tag.

Boeing Says It Has Agreed To Sell Passenger Jets To Iranian Airline

Boeing says it has signed an agreement with Iran Air for the purchase of commercial passenger airplanes, making it the first major U.S. company to do business in Iran since sanctions were lifted earlier this year.

Boeing stopped selling planes to Iran following the Islamic Revolution in 1979.

Forgotten History: How The New England Colonists Embraced The Slave Trade

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Sarah Hepola is the author of <em>Blackout: Remembering the Things I Drank to Forget.</em>

Sobering Up, And Facing The Reality Of Sex Without 'Liquid Courage'

I stopped drinking at the age of 35, roughly two decades into my sex life. I was scared to quit for a lot of reasons. I thought I'd be boring. I thought other people would be boring. When you drink as long, and lovingly, as I did, you will find a lot of excuses not to hang up your beer mug. But nothing frightened me as much as sex without alcohol. As in, no way. Not happening.

International Olympic Committee  President Thomas Bach says there's still a way Russian track athletes could compete in Rio this summer. He's seen here at a news conference in March.

IOC Backs Ban Of Russia's Track Team, But Leaves Door Open For Athletes

An umbrella meeting of some of the most powerful people in international sports has "unanimously agreed" to respect the decision by track and field's governing body to ban Russia's track and field athletes from the upcoming Summer Olympics — but it also left open the possibility that some of those athletes could be cleared to compete in Rio.

A waxing crescent moon is seen behind a streetlight with a newly installed LED fixture in 2011 in Las Vegas. The city was replacing 6,600 existing lights with the energy-efficient LEDs. It has since replaced tens of thousands more.

Bright, Bluish-White LED Streetlamps Disrupt Sleep Cycles, AMA Says

Bright, energy-efficient LED streetlamps can be bad for our health, according to the American Medical Association.

Specifically, high-intensity LEDs that release mostly blue light — as opposed to the "warmer-looking" light of older streetlamps — create glare and mess with sleep cycles, the organization says.

A single modest meal for a doctor was associated with a higher likelihood he or she would prescribe Crestor, a cholesterol drug, instead of a generic.

Even A Small Meal For A Doctor Can Tip The Balance For A Brand-Name Drug

Evidence is mounting that doctors who receive as little as one meal from a drug company tend to prescribe more expensive, brand-name medications for common ailments than those who don't.

A Geopost drone flying in southeastern France during a presentation of a prototype package delivery drone.

U.S. Announces New 'Ground Rules' For Use Of Commercial Drones

The Federal Aviation Administration issued the first operational rules to govern the commercial use of drones on Tuesday.

Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said this was a "huge step for innovation."

The 600-plus pages of new regulations require drone operators to pass a written exam every two years, keep the unmanned aircraft within sight and avoid flying it over people and at night. The rules also require drones to stay at least 5 miles from airports.

In this picture released by the FBI and the State of Mississippi Attorney General's Office, the burned-out station wagon that slain civil rights workers James Chaney, Andrew Goodman and Mickey Schwerner were driving in is seen in June 1964 in the Bogue Chitto swamp, some 13 miles northeast of Philadelphia, Miss.

Officials Close Investigation Into 1964 'Mississippi Burning' Killings

Mississippi officials are closing the investigation into the murder of three young civil rights workers by the Ku Klux Klan — more than 50 years after the men disappeared. The case had been closed for decades, then reopened after renewed public outcry. Now it's going cold again.

"It's just gotten to the point that it's 52 years later and we've done all we can do," Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood said Monday.

More Testing, Less Play: Study Finds Higher Expectations For Kindergartners

This summer, millions of excited 4-, 5- and 6-year-olds will be getting ready for their first real year of school. But some of them may be in for a wake-up call when that first bell rings.

If you have young kids in school, or talk with teachers of young children, you've likely heard the refrain — that something's changed in the early grades. Schools seem to be expecting more of their youngest students academically, while giving them less time to spend in self-directed and creative play.