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This frame from surveillance video released by the New Jersey State Police shows Ahmad Khan Rahami, who was taken into custody on Monday.

Bombing Suspect Spent Time In Afghanistan And Had Money Trouble

Here's what we know about Ahmad Khan Rahami, the suspect in weekend bombings in New York and New Jersey, who was taken into custody on Monday after a shootout with police and charged with five counts of attempted murder of a law enforcement officer and two counts related to possession of a weapon:

New York's Use Of Phone Alert Shines Spotlight On Wireless Emergency System

To millions of people in New York on Monday morning, the first word of a suspect in the New York and New Jersey bombings arrived at 8 a.m. with a jarring, screeching sound of their mobile phones.

Screens lit up across New York City with an emergency alert: "WANTED: Ahmad Khan Rahami, 28-year-old male. See media for pic. Call 9-1-1 if seen."

A Red Cross vehicle carrying aid arrives in the rebel-held town of Talbiseh, Syria, on Monday.

Syrian Military Declares End To Cease-Fire; Aid Convoy Comes Under Attack

The Syrian military announced Monday it is no longer observing a cease-fire brokered by the U.S. and Russia to allow food and medicine into besieged areas.

Seven days after the agreement was reached by Russia, which backs Syrian President Bashar Assad, and the U.S., which backs anti-Assad rebels, the regime blamed the truce's collapse on the rebels, and unilaterally declared that the cease-fire is over.

NPR's Alice Fordham reports this about the cease-fire:

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton's first onstage matchup will be Sept. 26.

First Presidential Debate To Focus On Prosperity, Security And Nation's Direction

The first presidential debate, to be held next Monday, Sept. 26, at Hofstra University in New York, will be divided into three 30-minute segments on three topics, according to the Commission On Presidential Debates co-chairman, Frank Fahrenkopf.

That's a bit different from the original announcement for the first debate, which said there would be six 15-minute segments. Farhrenkopf told NPR that it was moderator Lester Holt's decision to combine the segments.

The topics will be: the Direction of America, Achieving Prosperity and Securing America.

When Blind People Do Algebra, The Brain's Visual Areas Light Up

People born without sight appear to solve math problems using visual areas of the brain.

A functional MRI study of 17 people blind since birth found that areas of visual cortex became active when the participants were asked to solve algebra problems, a team from Johns Hopkins reports in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Donald Trump speaks during a rally in Colorado Springs earlier this month.

Analysis: Trump Tax Plan Would Cost Trillions, Boost Incomes For The Rich

In September of last year, Donald Trump released his first tax plan, but now he has made another go of it. Over the last couple of months, he has released an overhaul that changes rates and includes newly announced child care deductions. The revised plan would still cost the government trillions in revenues, according to a new analysis, though not as much as his last plan.

Supporters gather at the North Carolina Capitol in April in support of a law that regulates which bathrooms people can use and blocks local governments in the state from extending anti-discrimination protections to LGBT people.

North Carolina Governor Drops 'Bathroom Bill' Lawsuit Against U.S.

North Carolina's governor has dropped a lawsuit asking a federal court to preserve the state's HB2 law limiting civil rights protections for LGBT people and regulating who uses which public bathrooms.

In court documents Friday, Gov. Pat McCrory cited "substantial costs to the State" as one reason for dropping his lawsuit against the federal government, writing that it did not serve the "interests of judicial economy and efficiency."

Gansu province, where the family lived, is one of China's poorest. Above, rural residents do their washing.

Mother Kills Her Children And Herself; Chinese Bloggers Ask Why

The story is as tragic as it is horrifying.

An impoverished young mother from China's Gansu province killed her four young children and herself. Her husband later killed himself as well. The murder-suicide case has gone viral on Chinese social media, as commenters wonder if the family's poverty contributed to the turn of events.

On Aug. 26, neighbors say Yang Gailan fed her four children, all under the age of 7, and took them with her to tend to the sheep. They never came back.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus won the Emmy for outstanding lead actress in a comedy series for <em>Veep</em>.

WATCH: The 4 Best Political Moments From The Emmys

As further proof that this presidential campaign is everywhere, Sunday night's Emmys stage featured several nods to the candidates as well as the current political climate. Here are some highlights:

1. Julia Louis-Dreyfus' wall

Police officers and firefighters respond to an explosion on Saturday at 23rd Street and 7th Avenue in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City. Authorities say more than two dozen people have been taken to hospitals with injuries, none of which are thought to be life threatening.

More Explosive Devices Found In New Jersey

A backpack found near the Elizabeth, N.J., train station Sunday night contained five explosive devices, several of which were pipe bombs, according to Elizabeth's mayor, J. Christian Bollwage.

As FBI technicians were attempting to disarm one of the bombs with a robot it detonated. No one was injured.

Meanwhile, officials continue to investigate Saturday night's explosion in Manhattan that injured at least 29 people, according to officials in New York City. None of the injuries appear life-threatening, police say.