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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-K.Y., seen speaking to reporters on Tuesday, is set to release a draft of the Senate's version of the Republican health care bill on Thursday.

Here's What We Know About The Senate GOP Health Care Bill

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says Republicans will release a discussion draft of their version of the health care bill on Thursday, with a vote likely next week.

Private health care talks have been underway in the Senate for weeks. McConnell tapped a 13-member working group last month to hash out senators' differences over the House-passed American Health Care Act. McConnell's office has since taken the lead drafting the Senate version of the party's long-promised legislation to dismantle the Affordable Care Act.

A member of the federal police holds an hourglass with Nazi markings on Friday at the Interpol headquarters in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

PHOTOS: Trove Of Nazi Artifacts Uncovered In Argentina

Argentine police have uncovered some 75 Nazi artifacts hidden in a secret room in a house near Buenos Aires. The objects include children's harmonicas in a box adorned with swastikas and a large bust relief of Adolf Hitler.

Argentina's Ministry of Security stated that the pieces were all "of illegal origin and of great interest due to their historical value." The finding came after a federal police investigation.

Jorge Santiago Aguirre, a human rights lawyer in Mexico City, clicked on a link in a text message he received last year asking for his help. Nothing happened. But days later, audio was leaked of a call between Aguirre and one of his clients. The call had been heavily edited and painted both men as criminals.

Mexico's Government Is Accused Of Targeting Journalists And Activists With Spyware

Jorge Santiago Aguirre is a lawyer at the Centro de Derechos Humanos Miguel Agustin Pro Juarez, a major human rights group in Mexico City, so he was curious when he got this text message in April 2016:

"Mr. Jorge this is Juan Magarino," it read in Spanish. "Please help with my brother Heriberto a teacher who has been kidnapped by police it's a crime."

Then, there was a hyperlink.

He says the text didn't feel like random spamming.

More People Living As Refugees Now Than Anytime Since WWII, New U.N. Reports Says

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Democrat Jon Ossoff Hopes Suburban Atlanta District Finally Elects Non-Republican

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Former New Mexico Governor Discusses His Role In Otto Warmbier Negotiations

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Finsbury Park Attack Reinforces Terrorist Ideology

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Dramatic Increase In Number Of People Being Hospitalized Due To Opioids

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Cows graze near Murwillumbah, New South Wales, Australia. China has replaced the United States as the second-largest foreign owner of agricultural land in Australia. (The UK is No. 1.)

Why Is China Snatching Up Australian Farmland?

At the wine tasting room of Taylors Wines in Sydney, Australia, bottles are uncorked, poured, swished, sniffed and sipped. There's a lot for employees to toast this year.

"The Australian wine sector is growing at a fast rate," says Mitchell Taylor, the winery's managing director. "And what is exciting is the top level, about 20 to 30 dollars a bottle and above, that segment is growing at 53 percent."

That's thanks, in part, to China.

Who Are The Lawyers Investigating Russia's Meddling In U.S. Elections?

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