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Iraqi forces raise a flag after retaking Bartella, a town nine miles outside Mosul, Iraq, on Friday. Iraq's army, backed by U.S. air power, began an offensive this week to retake Mosul, the last city in Iraq controlled by the Islamic State. Some smaller towns and villages were retaken this week, but the Iraqis have not yet reached Mosul.

The Next U.S. President Can Expect Weakened, But Still Lethal ISIS

President Obama's two-year-old campaign against the Islamic State is clearly weakening the extremist group. But he's unlikely to finish the job during his final months, leaving it to his successor, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, to figure out how to keep ISIS on the run.

U.S.-backed Iraqi troops are on the march against the ISIS stronghold of Mosul in northern Iraq. In neighboring Syria, ISIS recently lost the symbolically important town of Dabiq.

Time Warner is heading for another merger — this time with AT&T, in a deal that was announced Saturday. Here, the company's headquarters at New York City's Columbus Circle.

AT&T Buys Time Warner For More Than $85 Billion

Updated at 10 p.m.

AT&T has announced it's buying Time-Warner in a cash-and-stock deal worth more than $85 billion, uniting one of the country's largest communications companies with a major content provider.

The deal was formally approved by the boards of both companies on Saturday.

A map created by Junko Tabei's personal website shows the locations of dozens of her climbs.

Japanese Climber Junko Tabei, First Woman To Conquer Mount Everest, Dies At 77

More than 40 years after she became the first woman to climb the world's highest mountain, Junko Tabei has died at age 77, according to Japanese media. Tabei was just 4'9", but she was a giant in mountaineering, as the first woman to conquer the "Seven Summits" — the tallest peak on each continent.

Tabei "was diagnosed with cancer 4 years ago but continued her mountaineering activities while undergoing treatment," Japanese broadcaster NHK reports, adding that she died Thursday in a hospital in Kawagoe City.

Passengers escape the site of a train derailment in Eseka, Cameroon, Friday. The death toll in the crash rose to more than 70 people Saturday, Cameroon's president says.

At Least 70 Die In Train Derailment In Cameroon; Hundreds Injured

The death toll is rising at the site of a train derailment in Cameroon, with President Paul Biya saying the crash of the crowded car Friday killed more than 70 people and wounded 600 more. The train was packed with people because rains had washed out a frequently used road Thursday.

"My heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families of the #CAMRAIL train derailment in #Eseka," Biya wrote on his Facebook page Saturday.

Parents struggle with the costs and choices with child care.

U.S. Parents Are Sweating And Hustling To Pay For Child Care

Life is pretty busy for Mike Buchmann, a high school art teacher and football coach, and his wife Shannon, who works as an assistant controller at a small private college near their home in Mishawaka, Ind.

Everyone is out the door by 7:45 each morning: Mike shuttles their two older kids to before-school care, while Shannon drops off their 14-month-old at a church-based child care center before they head off to their full-time jobs.

Iraqi pro-government forces hold a position on the frontline on Friday near the village of Tall al-Tibah, some 20 miles south of Mosul, during an operation to retake the hub city from the Islamic State group jihadists.

Iraqi Forces Shaken by ISIS Resistance in Fight For Mosul

In the sunlit courtyard of a mosque, overlooked by jagged mountains, dozens of men arrive to offer condolences to the family of Brigadier Hamid Birmous.

The commander with the Iraqi Kurdish forces known as peshmerga was killed in action by an ISIS bomb during the operation to retake the city of Mosul, which began this week. Iraqi security forces continue to fight their way through villages and countryside outside the city.

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