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Saudi King Salman presents President Donald Trump with The Collar of Abdulaziz Al Saud Medal at the Royal Court Palace, Saturday, May 20, 2017, in Riyadh.

Fanfare And Deals Dominate Trump's First Day In Saudi Arabia

President Donald Trump's first day in Saudi Arabia began with a lavish reception and ended with an ostentatious ceremony, but not before Trump and the Saudi king signed several agreements spanning diplomatic, governmental and commercial ventures, including an arms deal worth $110 billion.

With A Wedding Dress Comes A New Beginning For A Syrian Tailor

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Male Rompers: Could This Garment Be The Worst Idea Ever?

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Students At Puerto Rico's Largest University Continue Strike Amid Shutdown

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Eddie N. Williams, Leader Of Washington's First Black Think Tank, Dies at 84

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How The Latest Political News Is Being Perceived By Conservatives

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Trump Says Arms Deal He Signed With Saudi Arabia Will Create Jobs

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Chibok Girls Reunite With Families After Being Held In Captivity By Boko Haram

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The recently released Chibok girls reunited with their families amidst laughter and tears in the Nigerian capital of Abuja. Still, 113 girls are being held by Boko Haram militants.

82 Chibok Girls Reunited With Their Families After More Than 3 Years

After more than three years in captivity, 82 of the Chibok schoolgirls have been reunited with their families amid tears, laughter, music and dancing. On an emotional day in the Nigerian capital city, Abuja, the young women and their parents wept as they embraced.

Some groups sank to their knees, giving praise and praying.

New regulations from the European Union aim to discourage young people from picking up smoking. New laws in the U.K. go even further.

New Laws In The U.K. And EU Further Restrict Tobacco Industry

In recent months, some Brits have expressed their distaste for European Union regulations — a frustration that helped motivate the Brexit vote last summer.

But this weekend, new regulations on the tobacco industry came into force in the United Kingdom, and they go even further than what an EU directive required.