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Pitcher Alex Cunningham and catcher David Parrett of the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers embrace after striking out the final batter to beat the Arizona Wildcats 4-3 to win the National Championship at the College World Series at TD Ameritrade Park in Omaha, Nebraska.

Coastal Carolina University Wins First-Ever National Title In College World Series

Instead of the Arizona Wildcats claiming their second championship in five years, the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers broke through to win their school's first national title, holding on for a 4-3 win in the decisive Game 3 of the 2016 College World Series.

A national championship is a big deal for any college; this one is huge for Coastal Carolina, a school in Conway, S.C., that reported total enrollment of 10,263 students (graduate and undergraduate) when classes started last fall. By contrast, Arizona reported having 43,088 students.

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump spoke at a campaign event Thursday in Manchester, N.H.

Woman Asks Trump About Replacing TSA's 'Heebeejabis' With Veterans

Donald Trump had an awkward exchange Thursday at a New Hampshire event when a woman asked him why the U.S. isn't putting veterans on the border or at TSA instead of these "heebeejabis they wear at TSA." It was an apparent reference to Muslim employees who wear hijabs, or head coverings.

Wilson Ramos got a tattoo of his brother's name, Jose "Cheo" Maldonado, inked on his right forearm in memory of Maldonado, who died after a police officer shot him with a stun gun inside a jail cell in East Hartford, Conn.

Who Gets Tased? First Statewide Study Reveals Racial Disparities

How many times last year did police pull a Taser on suspects nationwide?

Just like the total number of people shot by police, no one knows for sure.

Connecticut is the first state to require police to fill out a form for every time they pull a Taser. And it just released the first-ever statewide report on how police use them.

A police officer inspects a fishing boat in Thailand.

Controversy Follows Thailand's New Ranking In Human Trafficking Report

The U.S. State Department issued its annual Trafficking in Persons report on Thursday, and the big news is the status of Thailand.

Iraq's Counterterrorism Service released an image showing a destroyed militant vehicle after Coalition and Iraqi security forces targeted Islamic State fighters on Wednesday.

VIDEO: Airstrikes Hit ISIS Convoy Fleeing Fallujah

The U.S.-led coalition and the Iraqi military say they have hit two ISIS convoys in Iraq, and they say hundreds of the militant group's vehicles were destroyed.

As NPR's Alice Fordham tells our Newscast unit, "two large groups of ISIS fighters have been hit this week in the western province of Anbar."

Adnan Syed leaves the Baltimore City Circuit Courthouse in Baltimore on Feb. 5. He's now been granted a new trial.

Adnan Syed, Subject Of 'Serial' Podcast, Will Get A New Trial

Months after he was granted a new hearing because of new evidence, Adnan Syed, whose 2000 murder conviction was a key focus of the hit podcast Serial, has been granted a new trial, according to his attorneys.

Baltimore City Circuit Judge Martin Welch vacated Syed's conviction, saying in a memorandum that his attorney "fell below the standard of reasonable professional judgment" in handling his case.

Announcing the news Thursday, attorney Justin Brown tweeted in all-caps: "WE WON A NEW TRIAL FOR ADNAN SYED!!!"

Sylvia Welker feeds the pigeons on Skid Row in Los Angeles. There are currently 47,000 homeless people in and around Los Angeles.

On LA's Skid Row, Homeless Women Seek Shelter From The Streets

Holding the coffee she received at Los Angeles's Downtown Women's Center, Sylvia Welker steers her electric wheelchair toward the curb. It's at this spot every day that she feeds the pigeons of LA's Skid Row.

"The birds are maimed and deformed and beat and dying and hurting," Welker says. "I'm scared for the birds, but for me, I learned not to be afraid. It doesn't do any good. Fear isn't going to change anything."

By taking care of the birds, the 71-year-old Welker keeps her mind off the dangers she and other homeless women face here.

A child leans on the coffin of his uncle, Habibullah Sefer, on Thursday. Sefer, along with more than 40 other people, was killed in a suicide attack on Tuesday at the Ataturk airport in Istanbul.

Fathers, Mothers, Heroes: What We Know About Victims Of The Istanbul Attack

On Tuesday, three suicide bombers armed with guns and explosives killed more than 40 people at the Ataturk airport in Istanbul.

Less than a day later, the airport was up and running, with workers sweeping away the broken glass and wiping off blood from the ceiling. Two days later, police — who suspect the Islamic State was behind the attack — have arrested 13 suspects and identified the nationalities of the suspected attackers.

And the funerals have begun.

When mental health professionals don't take insurance, only the wealthy can afford their help.

How Therapy Became A Hobby Of The Wealthy, Out Of Reach For Those In Need

There's something that really bothers Stanford psychiatry professor Keith Humphreys. When he thinks of all the years he has spent training the next generation of psychiatrists, the enormous investment in medical school and residency, he wants those doctors to devote that education to taking care of people with serious mental illness.

In Prison, The Passion That Drove A Yogurt-Maker To Arson Still Burns

A few weeks ago, I went back to the federal prison in Seagoville, Texas, for another conversation with Edgar Diaz.