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Delegates from New York hold signs in support of Hillary Clinton during the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia on Tuesday.

At The Democratic Convention, Choreographing A Sea Of Signs

If you've been watching the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia on TV, you've probably seen it happen a few times already: Every few minutes, a fresh wave of brightly colored signs — bearing campaign slogans like "Stronger Together" or "Love Trumps Hate" — spreads across the convention floor like wildfire.

California Gov. Jerry Brown speaks at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia on Wednesday.

California Gov. Jerry Brown On The Power Of Outsider Politics

California Gov. Jerry Brown, a Democrat, has been in politics since the 1960s, and launched multiple runs for president himself.

In 1992, he ran as the outsider candidate — chastising the incumbent parties that had "failed their duty."

"They've placed their own interest about the national interest," he said during the speech that kicked off his campaign. They've allowed themselves to be trapped and in some cases corrupted by the powerful forces of greed. It's time for them go!"

Ameera, 6, walks with assistance at the Craig Joint Theater Hospital at Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan. She is recovering from a gunshot wound sustained when she was caught in a firefight between U.S. and Afghan soldiers and Taliban insurgents.

Ameera, A 6-Year-Old Afghan, Prepares To Walk Out Of U.S. Military Hospital

Earlier this year, a 6-year-old girl was shot and badly wounded during a firefight between U.S. and Afghan forces and the Taliban. Her father, a Taliban fighter, her mother and some siblings were all killed in the gun battle.

Dr. Chance Henderson, a Texas-born orthopedic surgeon, was there when the girl, whom NPR is calling Ameera, was brought to the hospital at the Bagram Airfield outside Kabul.

"I remember her quite vividly there on that stretcher, and how tiny she looked," he says.

Scientists from the Nautilus exploration vessel found this bright purple orb near California's Channel Islands.

Sea Slug? Disco Ball? Beautiful Deep-Sea Purple Blob Puzzles Scientists

Researchers have found a curious purple orb near California's Channel Islands – and it's left them stumped.

To our untrained eye, it looks a little like a really dazzling Christmas ornament. Alternatively, Smithsonian compared it to an unhatched Pokemon.

Blood donations in the U.S. aren't routinely screened for the Zika virus.

Fearing Zika, FDA Asks 2 Florida Counties To Halt Blood Donations

There's been a looming fear that mosquitoes would start spreading the Zika virus in the U.S. Now that possibility seems increasingly real.

On Thursday, senior officials at the Food and Drug Administration said they have asked blood donation centers in two Florida counties, Miami-Dade and Broward, to stop collecting blood for the time being.

Ingmar Guandique is escorted from the Violent Crimes Unit by police in Washington, D.C., in 2009.

Prosecutors Move To Drop Murder Charges Against Man Accused Of Killing Chandra Levy

Prosecutors moved to drop murder charges against Ingmar Guandique, who was accused of killing 24-year-old Washington, D.C., intern Chandra Levy in 2001. The judge immediately approved and dismissed the case on Thursday.

The Levy case "made headlines across the nation because of the victim's romantic involvement when then-Rep. Gary Condit," as The Two-Way reported.

Transgender Student Files Suit Against School District, Alleging Discrimination

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How Is The Democratic Convention Playing In Deep-Blue Massachusetts?

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The Mystery Of The Fireball That Lit Up The Western Sky

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A cover for <em>Mad</em> magazine by artist Jack Davis.

Jack Davis, Cartoonist Who Helped Found 'Mad' Magazine, Dies

His art appeared in a range of places, from the Navy News and Tales from the Crypt to Time and TV Guide. Jack Davis, a founding member of Mad magazine, has died at 91. The influential cartoonist was one of the humorists known as the "Usual Gang of Idiots."

Davis' knack for dry caricature created iconic parodies for Mad, spoofing TV and films from High Noon to Raiders of the Lost Ark, Gone with the Wind, and M*A*S*H.