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Under Armour, UCLA Reach A Record $280 Million Apparel Deal

The athletics company Under Armour has reached a record $280 million apparel deal with the University of California, Los Angeles, according to the company.

The Los Angeles Times reports this is the largest deal in college football history and that it follows other blockbuster agreements struck recently by Nike with Ohio State and the University of Texas.

The Times adds:

"UCLA entered the picture with its Adidas contract set to expire next year....

A police car sits outside Google's offices in Paris on Tuesday as authorities carry out a search as part of a tax fraud investigation.

Google's Paris Offices Raided In Tax Investigation

French authorities launched a surprise search of Google's offices in Paris early this morning as part of an inquiry into the tech company's tax dealings in France.

Prosecutors said in a statement that the raid, which also involved 25 computer experts, is part of an investigation launched in June 2015 into possible tax evasion and money laundering.

U.S. Air Force Lt. Col. Dr. Chance Henderson, an orthopedic surgeon, stands in the operating theater of the military hospital at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan. Henderson is fighting to save the leg of a 6-year-old Afghan girl who was shot during a firefight between U.S. and Afghan forces and the Taliban.

Saving 6-Year-Old Ameera, Shot In An Afghan Firefight

With American troops mostly focused on training Afghan soldiers, the hospital on the sprawling Bagram airfield doesn't have many combat trauma cases anymore – in fact, it just has one.

A 6-year-old girl, caught in a firefight between American and Afghan soldiers and Taliban insurgents, has been in intensive care since she was shot earlier this year. The gun battle killed her father, a Taliban fighter, along with her mother and some siblings. It's not clear who fired the bullet that struck her.

For simple care and prescriptions, veterans in Northern California can go to 14 CVS MinuteClinics.

To Cut Wait Times, VA Tries MinuteClinics In Northern California

Struggling with long wait times, the Veterans Affairs Health Care System is trying something new: a partnership with the CVS Pharmacy chain to offer urgent care services to more than 65,000 veterans.

The experiment begins today at the VA's operations in Palo Alto, Calif.

President Obama listens to the U.S. national anthem in Havana on March 21. Behind him is an image of Cuba's revolutionary leader Ernesto "Che" Guevara.

Casting Aside Cold War Ghosts, Obama Reaches Out To Old Rivals

When President Obama lifted the ban on U.S. weapons sales to Vietnam, he invoked one of his favorite themes — relics of the Cold War.

"This change will ensure that Vietnam has access to the equipment it needs to defend itself and removes a lingering vestige of the Cold War," Obama said Monday in the capital, Hanoi.

He sounded a lot like the president who made a groundbreaking visit to Cuba in March:

Performers at the opening ceremony of the World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul, Turkey on May 22.

The World Promises To Do A Better Job Aiding Refugees From Violence

Traffic is crawling, sirens wailing and police are hustling pedestrians around metal barricades. It's not another terrorist attack in Istanbul, but super-high security precautions for the first U.N. World Humanitarian Summit.

Dozens of government and NGO delegations converged on Istanbul's Congress Center, just down the street from central Taksim Square, posing for selfies and greeting old friends. The two-day summit is meant to lay the groundwork for a radical transformation of the way global humanitarian aid is delivered; participants say good progress on that has been made.

Police officers patrol among tents during evacuation operations Tuesday at the Idomeni camp near the Greek-Macedonian border.

PHOTOS: Greece Begins Evacuating Thousands Of Asylum-Seekers From Camp

Greek authorities have started to move migrants and refugees out of the makeshift Idomeni camp, near the border with Macedonia.

The camp houses approximately 10,000 people, many of whom have been there for months. The asylum-seekers were hoping to cross into Macedonia and continue across Europe, but they were blocked from moving forward after the Balkan state closed its borders.

The Greek government, which has long been trying to persuade migrants to willingly leave Idomeni, has pledged to evacuate the camp without using violence, The Associated Press reports.

Siao, a chef with Mazi Mas, in the kitchen.

'Invisible Army' Of Immigrant Women Finds Its Voice Through Cooking

Roberta Siao, a Brazilian immigrant in London, found that her dual status as a foreigner and mother made it impossible to find work. Yet at Mazi Mas, a London-based pop-up restaurant and catering service focused on training and employing immigrant and refugee women, she has found more than just a paying job. She tells her story in her own words.

Dr. Abraham Nussbaum argues for medicine to reconnect with its past: Caring for patients should be a calling, not a job.

Doctor Yearns For Return To Time When Physicians Were 'Artisans'

In his recent book, The Finest Traditions of My Calling, Dr. Abraham Nussbaum, 41, makes the case that doctors and patients alike are being shortchanged by current medical practices that emphasize population-based standards of care rather than individual patient needs and experiences.

Nussbaum, a psychiatrist, is the chief education officer at Denver Health Medical Center and works on the adult inpatient psychiatric unit there. I recently spoke with him, and this is an edited transcript of our conversation.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton addresses Asian-American and Pacific Islander supporters in San Gabriel, Calif., in January.

Fueled By Young Voters, Asian-Americans Increasingly Identify As Democrats

Asian-Americans are shifting toward the Democratic Party in record numbers, according to a new poll conducted by a consortium of Asian-American organizations — AAPI Data, Asian and Pacific Islander American Vote and Asian Americans Advancing Justice.

In fact, since 2012, there's been a 12 point increase in the percent of Asian-Americans who identify as Democrat — from 35 percent to 47 percent.