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In the new program, a rural health care provider in India consults online with a doctor about a patient.

A New Health Care Project Won Awards. But Did It Really Work?

The program seemed like a fantastic idea at first, says Manoj Mohanan, an assistant professor of public policy and economics at Duke University.

It's called the WHP-Sky Program. The idea behind it was to transform health care in rural India, where doctors are scarce. WHP hoped to set up franchises where patients could get electronic advice from doctors with degrees instead of less-qualified health workers.

Spaghetti supper at Grape Festival, Tontitown, Arkansas, Aug. 16, 1941. Writers and photographers for the America Eats projects captured eclectic scenes across the nation, from Texas up to Vermont and the Atlantic to the Pacific.

The Grand, Unfinished Task Of Chronicling How America Eats

It's Dec. 13, 1938, and Arnie Manoff, 24-year-old starving writer, has been sent by the government to interview the man who created the Reuben sandwich. The sandwich man is big, bawdy Arnold Reuben — he loves to regale audiences with the origin story of his sandwich nearly as much as he loves to name drop the B-list celebrities that frequent the booths of his restaurant. Sometimes, he tells Manoff, in a spitty voice brimming with pride, he even names a special after them.

For Many Schools The Recession Never Ended

The Great Recession technically ended in June of 2009, but many of America's schools are still feeling the pinch.

A new study of state budget documents and Census Bureau data finds that the lion's share of spending on schools in at least 23 states will be lower this school year than it was when the recession began nearly a decade ago.

This analysis looked specifically at what's called general formula funding, which accounts for roughly 70 percent of the money states spend in their K-12 schools.

Can Mental Illness Be Prevented In The Womb?

Every day in the United States, millions of expectant mothers take a prenatal vitamin on the advice of their doctor.

The counsel typically comes with physical health in mind: folic acid to help avoid fetal spinal cord problems; iodine to spur healthy brain development; calcium to be bound like molecular Legos into diminutive baby bones.

Ballot themes on ballots this November include marijuana, elections, education, guns, tobacco, minimum wage and the death penalty.

From Pot To Guns To School Funding: Here's What's On The Ballot In Your State

It's time to talk about ballot measures. Or rather, those other things voters are deciding on Nov. 8.

This November, there are 156 measures being voted on in 35 states and the District of Columbia. California is in the lead, with a whopping 17 measures on its ballot.

Although these ballot measures are voted on state by state, there are some big national themes.

Amatrice's Basilica di San Francesco was among many centuries-old buildings damaged in Italy's Aug. 24 quake. The national police's art squad is documenting damage and salvaging priceless works of art from this and other churches in the region.

When Cultural Heritage Is At Risk, Italy's Art Police Come To The Rescue

The church of San Lorenzo in Accumoli is tiny and dark. The electricity has been out since a powerful earthquake ripped through the area and killed nearly 300 people less than two months ago. It also knocked over three rows of pews on the church's wooden floor, soggy since parts of the foundation receded.

"Don't step over there, you could fall through," warns Silvio Santi, the church caretaker.

A photo of Jose Antonio Elena Rodriguez, who was fatally shot by a U.S. Border Patrol  near the Mexico-U.S border, rests on a church altar during a memorial mass in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico. A federal appeals court heard arguments on whether his family can file a civil lawsuit in U.S. courts.

Federal Appeals Court Considers Border Shooting Case

A federal appeals court in San Francisco heard arguments Friday in a case testing whether a person in another country has any protection under the U.S. Constitution when he has been harmed by an agent of the United States government.

Picketers hold signs near Pennsylvania's West Chester University on Wednesday. Professors at state universities, including West Chester, came to a tentative contract agreement with the state on Friday.

Breakthrough In Strike By Pennsylvania Professors

Striking professors reached a tentative three-year contract Friday with the state of Pennsylvania. Faculty members had gone on strike Wednesday at 14 public colleges and universities across the state, according to Katie Meyers of NPR member station WITF.

China has been growing faster than the U.S. for years. But it started from a much lower baseline.

Debate Check: Could U.S. Economy Grow As Fast As India's Or China's?

Should the United States aspire to the kind of fast-paced economic growth China and India enjoy?

That's what Donald Trump seemed to say at this week's presidential debate: "I just left some high representatives in India. They're growing at 8 percent. China is growing at 7 percent, and that for them is a catastrophically low number. We are growing, our last report came out, it's right over from the 1 percent level. And I think it's going down."

But are comparisons like this meaningful?

A banner reads "Stop CETA - it's enough" during a protest in front the Walloon parliament in Namur, Belgium, during a meeting on the EU-Canada Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement.

One Tiny Belgian Region Blocks International Trade Deal

The French-speaking Belgian region called Wallonia is holding up Europe's free-trade agreement with Canada. CETA, or The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement, would reduce or eliminate tariffs and make it easier for goods to move between countries, similar to NAFTA or the Trans-Pacific Partnership.