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Made for a tight grip: The female penis of an insect species newly discovered in Brazil has spines on it.

'Completely Unique': Cave-Dwelling Female Insects Have Penises

Four new insect species found in Brazil have rather strange sex lives — to say the least. Their sex organs are reversed: Females have penises and males have vaginas, scientists reported Thursday in the journal Current Biology.

A chimpanzee hangs from a tree trunk in Kibale National Park in Uganda. A new study indicates that chimps prefer a specific tree for sleeping.

Even Chimps Know That A Firm Bed Makes For Quality Sleep

In the wilds of Africa, chimpanzees consistently choose to make their sleeping nests in a particular tree that offers the "just right" kind of comfort that Goldilocks famously preferred.

That's according to a new study in the journal PLOS ONE that could also bolster a theory that solid shut-eye may have been a key to human evolution.

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Author:  George Nelson YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – Demolition underway or to begin in the coming months will leave two sites along the city’s key Market Street corridor -- the former General Electric and Wean United buildings -- prime for redevelopment and remove two eyesores at downtown's gateway. Deconstruction continues on the former General Electric plant at Market Street and Hughes Street. Constructed in 1909, the 172,000-square-foot plant building has been idled since the 1980s and used for storage by GE in recent years.   “...

Thursday, April 17, 2014

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Huntington Bank has been ranked the No. 1 lender to small businesses by the U.S. Small Business Administration for the first half of the agency’s fiscal year, Oct. 1 to March 31, Huntington Bank announced Wednesday. The No. 1 ranking refers to the number of 7(a) loans outstanding Huntington has extended to small businesses, 1,805, all to enterprises in its Midwest footprint of six states. It ranks fourth in dollars lent, $230.1 million. In its first-quarter earnings release, issued Wednesday, Huntington reported it has $22.5 billion outstanding in...