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School Vouchers Get A New Report Card

It is the education debate of the Trump era. With the president and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos using policy and the bully pulpit to champion private school vouchers, supporters and critics have tangled over the question:

Do low-income, public school students perform better when they're given a voucher to attend a private school?

People who survived the capsizing of a ferry, cry as they wait for more information about their missing friends and relatives, at a reservoir in Guatape, Colombia, on Sunday.

Party Boat Filled With Tourists Capsizes Near Medellin, Colombia

It was a long holiday weekend in Colombia and the El Almirante ferry was filled with tourists.

Soon after the boat began cruising around the reservoir in Guatape on Sunday, survivors described hearing a loud explosion near the men's bathroom which knocked out power.

Shortly after that, the boat began sinking. The first two floors went underwater quickly as people rushed to get up to the fourth floor.

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Friday, June 23, 2017

COLUMBIANA, Ohio – After two weeks of whirlwind negotiations, Compco Industries today announced it has acquired Quaker Mfg. Corp. of Salem. “I’m ecstatic,” said Rick Fryda, president and CEO of Compco. “It’s a good feeling and this was done in a very short amount of time.” Quaker employees were informed June 9 that the plant […]

Friday, June 23, 2017

WARREN, Ohio – Victoria Rush can still remember where she and future husband, Carlos, sat during one of their first dates at the Mocha House in Warren. “It was at that table right over there,” she said, pointing at it. They’ve been married for nearly 24 years. “I loved the food so much that I […]