• Sicily Coast Town

    WYSU is Headed to Sicily!

    WYSU's next travel destination is Sicily and you're invited!

  • Chatham Baroqu, string trio

    Chatham Baroque Concert is April 29!

    The Dana School of Music at Youngstown State University welcomes Chatham Baroque, the nationally acclaimed string trio.  Chatham Baroque will perform "Bach & Before" on Friday, April 29, at 7:30 p.m. at St. John CHurch 323 Wick Avenue, Youngstown, Ohio. A pre-concert lecture by Dr.

  • Pops Concert with Fireworks at Eastwood Field in Niles

    Pops at the Ballpark with Youngstown Symphony is May 21st

    WYSU is a sponsor for the popular “Pops at the Ballpark” concert scheduled for Saturday, May 21, 2016, at Eastwood Field in Niles.

  • Amazon gift with money

    Shop Amazon All Year and Support WYSU

    Everybody wins when you shop at Amazon via wysu.org.Visit Amazon through the WYSU website, make a purchase, and a portion of that purchase will benefit the station -- with no additional cost to you.  Simply start at wysu.org and click on support. That's where you will find the Amazon link.

  • YSU entrance.

    WYSU-FM Open Meeting Policy

    The Youngstown State University's Board of Trustees is WYSU-FM's supervisory board. The Board's general meetings and Institutional Engagement Committee Meetings address WYSU business. These meetings are open to the public.

    The WYSU Advisory Board meetings are also open to the public.

  • The WYSU Smartphone App

    After several months of development and beta testing, WYSU is excited to announce the WYSU smartphone app is available for Apple IOS and Android.

Top National News Stories

National Public Radio

  • After sweeping five states Tuesday, Donald Trump suggested Hillary Clinton is ahead because she's playing the "woman's card."

    After a five-primary victory on Tuesday night, Donald Trump took time during a Q&A with journalists to take a jab at Hillary Clinton.

    "Well, I think the only card she has is the woman's card," he said. "She's got nothing else going on. And frankly, if Hillary Clinton were a man, I don't think she'd get 5 percent of the vote. The only thing she's got going is the women's vote. And the beautiful thing is that women don't like her, OK?"

  • Fact Check: Has President Obama 'Depleted' The Military?

    President Obama has slashed defense spending and will leave his successor with a weaker military force — or so Republican presidential candidates, led by Donald Trump, charge. THE CLAIM: "Our military is depleted," Trump said in his foreign-policy address on Wednesday, "and we're asking our...
  • The Bison Is Poised To Become The U.S. National Mammal

    The bald eagle may soon have a large, furry friend: The North American bison is on the verge of being named the first national mammal of the United States. The House approved the National Bison Legacy Act on Tuesday, and it passed the Senate on Thursday. Now it's awaiting President Obama's...

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Top Local News Stories

The Business Journal

  • COLUMBUS, Ohio – The open enrollment period for Ohio employers to select organizations to manage medical treatment for their workers injured on the job begins Monday and continues through May 27. The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation offers an open enrollment period every two years to allow...
  • YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – The deadline to apply for the Better Business Bureau’s Ethics and Integrity Scholarship is May 5. Five recipients of the $1,000 scholarships will be chosen. Applicants must be high school seniors and the child or grandchild of owners and employees of BBB-accredited businesses....
  • YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – At least five small earthquakes were detected Monday near New Castle, Pa.,  over 22 hours,  the U.S. Geological Survey reports. Survey data show that after  the 1.9-magnitude quake  recorded shortly after midnight April 25 in Mahoning Township , four more occurred. Roughly four...

What You Need to Know

  • Support WYSU -- be an underwriter!

    Underwriting is the tax-deductible financial support of public radio by businesses, associations, and nonprofit organizations. This financial support is acknowledged on the air with announcements -- or spots --  which are 15 seconds in length and customized to the specific business or organization.


    WYSU provides a Community Calendar page as a public service. You can now enter your event directly on our website. Everyone is welcome to submit events to the calendar, though not everyone's submission will be published or announced on air. We specialize in fine and performing art events, large community events, and YSU events.

  • Local Interviews On WYSU

    Don't miss the new interview segment airing Wednesdays on 88.5 WYSU, and hosted by YSU English Department faculty member Tim Francisco.  Tim’s interviews air during the popular Morning Edition. He and his guests take a unique and penetrating look at a wide variety of local subjects, including educational, community and social issues.  Tim also features creative work by local thinkers, leaders and researchers, and he plans to include government and political issues that have broad community application. The segment airs each Wednesday at 5:45 and 7:45 a.m.