Pecchia Communications 'Drafts' Valley's 'Workeries'

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio -- An increasingly popular part of doing business in the Mahoning Valley is what my colleagues and I call the “workery.” It’s a restaurant or coffee shop where you can eat, drink and get a good helping of work done, either alone or with others.

For companies like Pecchia Communications that thrive on being nimble, connected and unshackled by the burden of a formal office, workeries are like prime rib.

There are excellent workeries and so-so ones. If you land in them four or five days a week like we do, you’ve got to have a good lineup of them to avoid monotony.

In a nod to our favorite workeries and the upcoming NFL Draft, I’m going to lock horns starting tomorrow with my colleagues, Jim Houck, Eric Hamilton and Jordan Cohen, in a round-by-round competition to select the best roster of workeries in the Mahoning Valley. We’ll post our picks on Facebook, share the rationale for our selections and invite reactions from our followers.

If you’d like to add your color commentary, you need to like us on Facebook. But we’ll update the draft status in the chart at the right in case you want to follow along from the nosebleed seats.

And as if the online viewpoints of four public relations flacks isn’t enough to attract your involvement, we’re going to sweeten the pot even further: At the conclusion of our draft we’ll give away $25 gift cards for the four workeries that emerge (in our view) as the fan favorites. We’ll award those four cards to the four contributors who add (in our view) the most value to the conversation.

Let the draft begin. If you have any questions or comments, email us at

Editor's Note: The author, Dan Pecchia, is the president of Pecchia Communications, which he established in 2005.

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