Mahoning Departments to Enforce Road Weight Limits

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio -- The Mahoning County Engineer’s office and Sheriff’s Department will bring back a countywide load scale program on the highways maintained by the engineer’s office. The program is set to commence July 1, pending approval by the Mahoning County Board of Commissioners.

The program, a collaboration between Mahoning County Engineer Patrick T. Ginnetti and Sheriff Jerry Greene, aims to reduce the number of large trucks hauling loads over the legal limit, which in turn will help to alleviate the excessive wear to the roads. The Ohio Revised Code prescribes weight, length, width and height limits for vehicles operated or moved upon the public highways, streets, bridges and culverts within the state.

Under the program, the engineer’s office will provide one vehicle for use by the deputy on duty and equipment, including a portable vehicle weighing system, to be used to enforce load limits on county roadways. The sheriff’s department will provide one full-time deputy dedicated to enforcing the load limits. The deputy will be under the direct supervision of the sheriff and subject to the rules, regulation and policies of the sheriff’s department.

A similar program between the two county departments was in place in past years. The county has decided to reinstate the program due to the conditions of roadways and the inability to enforce legal load limits without the restoration of the program.

Source: Mahoning County Engineer, Sheriff's Department.

Published by The Business Journal, Youngstown, Ohio.
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