Is It Job Hopping or Bettering Yourself?

TORONTO -- Leaving one job for a better one can be a smart career move, but too many changes in employment in too short a time gives human resources managers cause for concern. Six employers in 10 years suggests a prospect is a job-hopper.

In a Robert Half survey, managers were asked, "Over a 10-year span, how many job changes would it take for a professional to be viewed as a job hopper?" The mean response was six.

"Organizations look for candidates who will contribute to the business reaching its short- and long-term goals, and that requires a certain level of commitment to the company," said Greg Scileppi, president of Robert Half, International Staffing Operations. "Employers understand that the unpredictable job market in recent years may have resulted in shorter term employment, but too much voluntary job hopping can raise a red flag and candidates should be prepared to address those questions from potential employers."

Robert Half offers these points to weigh before someone decides to submit his resume for a new job:

  •  Why do you want a new opportunity?
  •  Are you looking for greater challenge or more money?
  •  A shorter commute or more flexible hours?
  •  A better relationship with your manager?

These are the factors to keep in mind  before one pursues a new opportunity.

Other issues Half rauses:

  • Have you looked within? Don't assume you need to leave your company to find the job you want. There may be other jobs with your current employer that are a better fit.
  • Where is the greatest long-term potential and stability? Is your best chance to build your skills and advance your career with your existing firm or another one?
  • Which business is on the most solid footing? The one you work for or the one you’re considering? You don't want to move only to learn your career progression is stalled, or your new company is struggling.

Published by The Business Journal, Youngstown, Ohio.
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