Halcon's Lordstown Well Beats Oil Production Average

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio -- Halcon Energy Corp.’s Kibler well in Trumbull County is thus far the most productive oil well in the northern tier of the Utica shale, according to the latest data released by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

ODNR released production numbers April 25 for 352 horizontal wells drilled in the shale play that reported results during the fourth quarter of 2013. Another 45 wells reported no production because they await pipeline infrastructure.

Halcon’s Kibler 1H produced 10,235 barrels of oil over 65 days, according to the ODNR report. Average oil production across the entire Utica stood at 4,089 barrels over an average of 62 days.

The highest producing oil well in the Utica was Gulfport Energy’s Boy Scout well in Harrison County at 26,095 barrels over 80 days.

Halcon reported that its Kibler well produced 94,637 per thousand cubic feet of natural gas, or Mcf, over the production period. The average amount of gas produced for a Utica well was 122,514 Mcf.

The best-producing gas well in Columbiana, Trumbull and Mahoning counties was Chesapeake Energy’s Hanover Farms well in Hanover Township, Columbiana County. That well produced 307,926 Mcf of natural gas over 86 days.

Other large gas wells in Columbiana County were Chesapeake’s two Milltree wells in Franklin Township. One produced 274,269 Mcf over 86 days, while the other produced 237,397 Mcf over 85.

 Antero Resources Inc.’s Gary well in Monroe County registered the highest numbers for any Utica gas well in the quarter, ODNR reported. That well produced 1,329,318 Mcf during 67 days of production.

Halcon’s Brugler well in Hartford Township, Trumbull County, produced 686 barrels of oil and 18,324 Mcf of gas over 88 days; the Davidson well in Jackson Township in Mahoning County reported production of 301 barrels of oil and 6,339 Mcf of gas over 16 days; and the company’s Avalon well in Vienna Township reported 60 barrels of oil and 2,560 Mcf of gas over three days.

BP America reported production numbers from three wells it placed into production in Trumbull County. The Lennington well in Johnston Township produced 1,889 barrels of oil and 20,322 Mcf of natural gas over the 92 days in the quarter.

BP’s Buckeye well in Hartford Township produced 378 barrels of oil over 75 days, and 20,322 Mcf of natural gas. Also, BP’s Zerovich well in Mecca Township reported 746 barrels of oil and 2,884 Mcf of natural gas over 30 days.

Hilcorp Energy Co., which has drilled seven wells in Poland Township in Mahoning County, reported results from two wells – one at the Poland Carbon Limestone Landfill site and another in Salem Township in Columbiana County.

Hilcorp’s Poland CLL well reported production of 13 barrels of oil and 204,076 Mcf of natural gas over 92 days while its Salem-Grubbs well in Salem Township in Columbiana County produced no oil, but did yield 207,076 Mcf of gas in 92 days.

CNX Gas Co. LLC, a division of Consol Energy, reported no results from three wells it’s drilled in Mahoning County, two in Jackson Township and one in Ellsworth Township.

The 352 wells produced 1,439,208 barrels of oil and 43,124,803 Mcf of natural gas during the fourth quarter, ODNR reported.

Compared to 2013 third-quarter data, oil production increased by 103,982 barrels or 8%, ODNR reported. Natural gas production increased by 9,491,914 Mcf, or 28%.

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